Magnetic Watering Can Planters DIY, magnetic mini watering can, magnets

Spring is in full force and what better way to celebrate warmer weather than to create your very own miniature magnetic watering can planters? These are perfect for sticking on your fridge to give your kitchen an extra bright and spring-like look, or take them to work and place them on your desk or file cabinet!



This DIY is great for the flower-enthusiasts or for someone lacking gardening skills––plant real flowers, herbs or succulents or choose fake plants. These watering can planters require minimal supplies and steps to create, so you’ll want to make multiple for friends and family!

What You’ll Need:

Mini watering cans––these can be found at any craft store or online
Hot glue gun
Multiple small disc magnets
Planting supplies –– such as: dirt, flower seeds, herb seeds, succulents, pebbles, stones, fake plants, etc. This is where you can choose your own adventure!
Optional: spray paint and/or chalkboard paint and chalkboard marker

If you choose to forgo the original metal-finish of the typical watering can and decide to decorate it, it is best to do this first. Spray painting the watering cans is an effective and fast way to pain the watering cans. Additionally, chalkboard paint and a chalkboard marker for labeling are also a great option to decorate the cans.
Choose which side you will be applying the magnets to the watering can. Glue the two magnets onto that side of the can and let dry completely. Make sure one magnet is at the top and one magnet is at the bottom.
Add in the planting supplies. Plant your flowers, succulents, herbs, etc. Make sure to follow the directions on the seed packets (remember, this is essentially a miniature flower pot, so the amount of water and plant food will be different).

Once your plants are properly in the can, it’s time to place the watering can on the fridge! Don’t forget to water your flowers and herbs and enjoy watching them grow each day!
What are you going to plant in your magnetic mini watering can? Let us know!

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