HSMAG Limited supply strong magnetic water treatment, magnetic water softener, magnetic water conditioner, magnetic fuel saver, oil filter & gas saver made of sintered neodymium magnets or ferrite permanent magnets. In the future, magnetic water treatment and magnetic fuel saver will become necessities in our daily life.

Magnetic Water Treatment

Magnetic Water Treatment

Magnetic water treatment, of which magnetic surface strength is 3000-10000Gs, can be used to avoid and clean water rust, scale and deposit, through its physical magnetic property.

Magnetic water treatment can be installed outside pipes, such as stainless-steel pipes, copper pipes, plastic pipes and aluminum plastic pipes. Magnetic water treatment is made of permanent magnets , so it can be used for a very long term. Also, it does not need chemicals to improve quality of water, so it will not cause second pollution. Magnetic water treatment will not cost any maintenance as well.

1. can improve heat conversion, effectively avoiding thinning of pipes due to water scale causing by heat conditioners, fridges, cooling towers and boilers.
2.  can reduce maintenance cost. It lengthens service life of pipes and apparatus and need little repairing, inspection and cleaning.
3. can help decreasing water rates. It works and recycles efficiently, so it reduces waste of water energy.
4. can improve water quality without using any chemicals.
5.  can save fuel or gas when using on oil pipes.

Cooling water systems, including refrigerators, coolers, heat exchanger, spray pools, compressors and so on
Low temperature water circulation systems, including refrigeration houses, kettles and heat exchanger
Hot water supply systems, including boilers, hot water storage tanks, bathrooms, swimming pools and solar water heaters and so on.

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