Magnetic Therapy Insoles, Magnetic Therapy Cushioned Insoles

The Magnetic Therapy insoles contains 12 powerful 1000+ gauss magnets and are effective for pain relief and treatment. Magnetic Therapy is believed to improve blood flow and promotes the body’s natural healing process. The insoles are available for men sizes 7-12 and female sizes 5-10. They can help energise the body through the reflexology points on the feet.

How Magnetic Therapy works
Magnets create fields to attract and repel charged particles in the blood creating movement & heat. This causes the blood vessels to widen which is believed to accelerate healing by allowing more blood to pass through the capillary. This improved blood flow takes away the toxins and brings in a nutrient rich blood supply to the affected area. These fields are also thought to trigger the nervous system, reducing the pain messages that are sent to the brain.

Magnetic Therapy promotes overall healing by increasing circulation & reducing inflammation, whilst aiding pain management through its impact on the nervous system.

Magnetic Therapy can help keep you active.

Magnetic Therapy Insoles Features:

Luxurious cushioned magnetic insoles, a non-medical treatment effective in enhancing the relief of pain
Believed to improve blood flow
Promotes the body’s natural healing process
Recommended for: Tension headaches, Migraines and stress reduction, lack of energy, poor circulation and general ill-health, arthritis, rheumatisim and fibromyalgia
Contains 12 powerful 1000+ gauss magnets

Whether you play sports, garden, exercise or even just want to walk the dog in comfort, you will be amazed at how magnetic therapy can ease aches and pains and help keep you active. Sports professionals and other users can’t say enough about just how effective they have found magnets to enhance healing and for relief of pain.

Therapists around the world attribute remarkable pain relieving benefits to the amazing healing power of magnetic therapy products. The Magnetic Therapy range is a drug-free method for the treatment of pain and discomfort from:

magnetic fields on body Arthritis
Back pain
Period pain
Joint pain
Shoulder pain
Torn ligaments
Muscle spasm
Carpel Tunnel Syndrome
Reduces inflammation
Improves circulation
Reduces stress
Enhances energy

Safety Warning
Magnetic Therapy is not suitable for those who:
– are pregnant,
– are using transdermal drug delivery patches or insulin pumps,
– on open wounds (except under medical supervision in the case of persistent, non-healing wounds)
– have haemophilia
– are fitted with a heart pace-maker
– are undergoing dialysis
– on people with surgically implanted metal screws
– on young infants
– if irritation occurs – use high voltage machinery or work with high voltage cables
– are allergic to metals
– or children under 7 years of age

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