Magnetic Therapy Benefits – magnetic therapy, magnetic bracelets and various other magnet-containing products are advertised often on TV and in magazines.

They rely on the power of an alternative healing method known as magnetic therapy.

Does magnetic therapy really work ??

Current Use of Magnetic Therapy

We are now back to a resurgence of magnets and titanium devices, claiming to heal our pain, at the tune of a billion dollars a year.

Magnetic Therapy Products are now Everywhere.

Magnetic Therapy Benefits

Magnetic Therapy Benefits

Who Is Right?

Science has not validated the claims of the many believers!
How Does Magnetic Therapy Work?

These are the claims that are made, and then the research that I have found.

One claim is that blood contains iron and that magnets promote healing by increasing blood flow.

It has been proven that strong magnets actually Repel blood as blood is diamagnetic (magnetized 180 degrees to the source). Normal blood flow is highly pressure driven, and the effect of magnets is too small to actually change the flow. You can prove this to yourself by putting a therapeutic magnet in your palm. Your skin would become pink and warm if the blood flow actually increased from the alternative health magnetic therapy.

Another claim is that magnets can decrease swelling and in turn, pain, by lining up the water molecules in our bodies. If this were true, an MRI scan magnet, which generates enormous amounts of magnetic pull, has not been shown to have this affect on our bodies. If it did, there would be many (more) warnings when getting an MRI.

Some claim that magnets can alter the way that our nerves and nerve cells conduct electricity. This has also been disproven.

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