Magnetic Refrigerator Shelf application of flexible magnets

There are always lots of magnetic products on the refrigerator, such as magnetic memo, magnetic refrigerator stickers, magnetic photos and so on. In fact, there are much more magnetic products can be used on the refrigerator.

Magnetic shelf is one of the great magnetic product.

Magnetic Refrigerator Shelf

Magnetic Refrigerator Shelf

The refrigerator shelf Magnet has a big size plastic box and a roller, you can put a lot of small thing in the box, such as Plastic wrap, bottle opener and even your beer.

under the box there is a roller, you can put a roll of the kitchen tissue on it. This Magnetic refrigerator shelf is a very usefull tool for the family. It holds many things and keep the refigerator in order, and save lots of your space.


Behind this refrigerator shelf Magnet, there is a piece of high energy flexible magnets, the high energy magnets can supply enough holding force for the shelf make the shelf could take heavy weight.

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