Punch safety device, Magnetic punch safety device, Magnetic handle

For the dangerous accidents to the workers during the operation, magnetic handle (punch safety device/ magnetic punch safety device) is designed to reduce the personal accident of stamping workers that may occur in the operating room. Using the new type strong permanent magnets, the magnet head of the device picks up iron, steel, stainless steel stampings. There is a safe distance between the safety handle and magnet head parts, which avoiding the direct contact with workers and machines, to ensure the safety of the production. It’s very simple to use, holding the safety handle by hand, pressing the head parts of the safety device to the work piece, the work piece will be pulled in. Pressing the connecting rod in front of the handle can simply hand off work pieces.

The use of safety device can guarantee the safety of staff and improve work efficiency. Magnetic safety device is reasonable in design and simple and flexible to use. The magnetic part is made ​​of plastic, thin metal, the magnet is brittle, which can prevent the occurrence of accidents and will not damage the punch caused by improper operation, just in case will damage the safety device only.

magnetic punch safety device handle

magnetic punch safety device handle

Mainly used in circumstance as below
(1) Sending the material or pickup manually will cause the operator physical exertion, can easily result in mental and physical fatigue, especially the using a foot switch will easily resulted in error actions and cut the hand.
(2) Due to the failure of the stamping machinery, especially the failure of the safety device, such as the clutch failure, the slider suddenly automatically decline occurred when adjusting the mold; the ailure of transmission guard accidentally detached, resulting in accidents.
(3) The large stamping machinery operated by much person, causing the injury accident by improper interworking and poor action coordination.
(4) The lifting, installation and dismantle of the mold, could easily lead to crashing, crushing injury accident.
(5) Hydraulic components in overload operation, the high-pressure liquid rushing out when the pressure exceeds the allowable value.
(6) To prevent persons from wring injury of gears or transmission machines.

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