Magnetic products for horses – We offer a range of cool leg, hock and knee wraps plus magnetic leg wraps, knee boots, hock wraps and ankle wraps.

rare earth magnets are made from HSMAG, Ferrite and the rare earth metal Neodymium. This alloy is formulated to hold its full strength. The high strength Neodymium magnets have a magnetic strength of 2000 gauss. This high strength means that the magnetic field will penetrate up to 6”/15cm.

HSMAG is a superior quality, close knit, thick and warm thermal knitted fabric that wicks moisture away from the body. This 3 part fabric with thermal knitted inner and outer, sandwiching polypropylene fibres has a padded quilted pattern.

Magnetic products for horses

Magnetic products for horses

Harpley Magnetic Knee Boots
Made from Warmwick fabric with 2 magnets carefully placed to give maximum energy penetration.

Harpley Magnetic Hock Wrap
Hock Wrap made from Warmwick thermal and wicking material with 4 ‘rare earth’ Neodymium magnets placed to give maximum energy penetration.

Equilibrium Therapy Magnetic Chaps
Designed to relieve pain,swelling and stiffness caused by

Harpley Magnetic Bell Boots
Bell boot made from Warmwick fabric, 3 magnets and double hook & loop fastening. Can aid in recovery from abcesses, wall cracks and possibly more serious problems such as laminitis, navicular and ring bone.

Cottage Craft Magnet Mitt
360 degree rotational magnetic massage balls relieve pain from stiff muscle stress. Great for use before and after exercise. Curry comb on reverse side for grooming.

I have heard of so many people that absolutely LOVE magnetics for keeping their horses comfy and in top condition and also assist in healing. This particular company is highly recommended
Mag Products
My sister has a horse that mysteriously came up lame 2 months ago. Actually, he’s hardly lame. Just slightly off in his front left leg. It looks like he has a flat tire almost. The vet did a lameness exam and x-rayed him. Nothing conclusive other than it’s somewhere in the lower leg. We changed up his shoeing situation to give him better angles and combat any chance of navicular (everything looked ok on the x-rays, but we didn’t get all angles of his hoof, so if there’s something really minor beginning, it could have been missed). If it’s not that, then my vet said most likely it’s a soft tissue injury. She doesn’t have an ultrasound machine…I don’t know of any vets that do in my area….it’s rather remote. He could be trailered, but as I said, he’s not my horse so I’m not in charge, just trying to help out.
SO BACK TO MY QUESTION: Would it be worth the $$ to invest in some wraps and bell boots for his front leg(s) to help encourage healing? I know they aren’t going to work miracles, but if they can help promote faster healing, then I would say it’s worth it (and they would still be useful once he’s sound again and running barrels, to help keep him sound). Thanks!

U-shaped Ferrite Magnets

Hard Ferrite Ceramic Horseshoe Magnet

School Education Ferrite Magnets

Alnico Channel Bar Magnets

Horseshoe Alnico Educational Magnets w/ Red and Blue Piant