Magnetic Palletiser – This type of magnetic transporter / palletiser is used for transporting and/or palletising any type of metallic tins or containers with metallic lids. They can be produced in many sizes depending on the weight, measurements and amount of tins/containers which are to be transported.

Magnetic Transporters / Palletisers are especially appropriate for all kinds of industries in which transporting tins and other containers or objects with sufficient metallic parts, is necessary.
They are produced using magnets of Neodymium quality, Neodymium giving a stronger magnetic adherence and with a magnetic pull approximately five times higher than that of a conventional Ferrite magnet. Do not hesitate to consult our Technical Department for more information.

Standard sizes:
Code A (mm) B (mm) H (mm) Weight (kg)
HS-MPALL01 800 1200 140 180
HS-MPALL02 1000 1200 140 220
HS-MPALL03 1120 1420 140 265

Magnetic Palletiser

Magnetic Palletiser

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