Magnetic microphone mount

Powerful neodymium magnet with 3/8″ adapter (most common microphone thread). Comes in two different strengths (standard – 140 N and extra – 350 N). The 3/8″ adapter is custom made from stainless steel and detachable. Thread on the magnet is M6 (6 mm).



Neodymium magnets may cause interference with credit cards (magnetic stripes), cardiac pacemakers and ICDs. Magnetic microphone mount
Neodymium magnet for mounting microphones
Strength: 140 N (standard), 350 N (extra)
Diameter: 20 mm (standard), 32 mm (extra)
Outer thread: 3/8″-16 UNC microphone thread (6 mm long)
Inner thread: M6 (12 mm long)
Adapter material: stainless steel
Magnet material: zinc-plated steel and neodymium

A strong magnetic microphone holder that can accomodate up to two lavalier microphones by their cables or one by the housing. It is suited for use on anything that is magnetic, such as a grand or up-right piano (in the frame) or drums with magnetic rims.
Microphones Magnet Base for Microphone Holder

Ribbon microphones are among the least understood yet most cherished microphones in the world. These peculiar mics may not be as popular as dynamic and condenser microphones, but they are valued just as much (perhaps even more) by musicians, audio engineers, and audiophiles alike.  Neodymium Magnet Base with Rubber Coating

What is a ribbon microphone? A ribbon microphone has a thin, often corrugated, electrically conductive ribbon-like diaphragm and acts as a transducer, converting sound waves into audio signals. Ribbon mics work on the principle of electromagnetic induction, making them “dynamic” just like their moving-coil counterparts. Retail Pop Clip Sign Holder with Magnet Base for Supermarket

In this complete guide to ribbon dynamic microphones, we’ll discuss them in great detail, going through their functionality, characteristics and even looking at some example microphones. This article’s purpose is to answer all your questions about ribbon mics so that you’re better equipped with the knowledge to succeed in your ribbon mic endeavours. Retail Square Base Magnetic Frame Sign Holder

A microphone transducer that converts sound to audio with a thin, electrically conductive ribbon-like diaphragm suspended within a magnetic structure. As the diaphragm moves back and forth within the permanent magnetic field, a mic signal is electromagnetically induced across it. Magnetic Pop Stand Base Sign Holder

Ribbon microphones, like their moving-coil dynamic counterparts, transduce energy on the principle of electromagnetic induction. For this reason, ribbon mics may very well be called “ribbon dynamic mics.” However, moving-coil microphones are more often referred to simply as dynamic mics, while ribbon mics are known simply as ribbon mics. Off Road Magnetic Base Mount Holder for All of LED Fog Lights Led Off Road Lights