Magnetic Microphone Base for Microphone Holder

How it Works
Magnetic Microphone Base enhances safety by reducing distracted driving. This easy-to-use conversion kit helps drivers stay focused on the road when picking up and returning a CB or police radio microphone to its holder.

Microphone Adapter
Designed for universal compatibility
Magnetic Microphone Base’s microphone adapter is precisely engineered and expertly machined. This slotted metal disc easily fits over and securely locks onto the back of your existing microphone.

Magnetic Microphone Base for Microphone Holder

Magnetic Microphone Base for Microphone Holder

Magnetic Base
Engineered with purpose
The magnetic base replaces the conventional metal hang-up mic clip used with most CB and police radio microphones. With its sleek unibody construction, there are no sharp edges for the user to worry about. Constructed from aerospace grade materials, Magnetic Mic is incredibly durable and ready for years of use.

Optimize Vehicle Setup
Intended for multi-industry usage
The magnetic base piece can be installed anywhere within reach, and not necessarily in sight. Magnetic Mic’s ease-of-use allows you to mount your radio mic holder in locations traditionally considered less-than-optimal, like the passenger side of a center console.

Just Get The Mic Close And Let It Go
Magnetic Microphone Base does all the work
When you’re finished with the microphone, simply get it close to the base, and let it go. The magnetic mic holder quickly guides your microphone into place. There’s no need to take your eyes off the road to hunt for and fumble with a conventional hang-up clip. Picking up your microphone is just as easy.

Works With Scan Mode
Works with all types of radio settings
Magnetic Microphone Holder works with virtually all CB and police radio systems. It doesn’t matter if your radio system functions with an on-hook/off- hook setting, switches to a private line or scans when hung up, Magnetic Mic is ready-for-use with your radio system.

Private line Scan modes On-hook/Off-hook

Benefits All Hand-Held Radio Microphone Users
Utilized worldwide
Spanning a wide range of industries, more than 255,000 radio operators stay focused in their industries by using Magnetic Microphone Mount.

Oil and gas
Commercial trucking
Private transportation
Public transportation
Service Departments


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