Magnetic Materials Report 4 – China’s Magnetic Material Industry Application

Industry application

Automotive electronics industry application

Over the years, the development of the fuel automobile industry has entered a slow period, but electronic information technology has developed rapidly in the past two or three decades. The application and innovation of automobile electronic technology has greatly promoted the progress and development of the automobile industry. This plays a key role in improving the power, economy and safety of the car, improving the driving stability and comfort of the car, and reducing the pollution and fuel consumption of the car. At the same time, both commercial and passenger cars are equipped with more advanced and modern entertainment, office and communication functions.

With the development of new energy vehicles and unmanned driving technology, as well as the improvement of consumers’ demand for comfort and safety, various safety control systems such as safe driving assistance systems and collision prediction systems will be intensively developed and widely used. The global automotive electronics industry has ushered in a golden period of development. In this market, innovation is highly valued, new products and new applications continue to emerge, and automotive electronics technology is changing the face of the entire car. Magnetic components are key components in automotive electronic technology and are widely used in automobiles, such as automotive safety and information systems, electronic control units, in-vehicle multimedia systems, and energy transmission systems.

Magnetic components used in automotive electronic technology are mainly made of soft ferrite materials, metal soft magnetic materials, and NdFeB rare earth permanent magnet materials. The automotive industry requires products to continuously develop in the direction of light weight, intelligence and electrification, and the requirements for magnetic materials are also getting higher and higher.

China's Magnetic Material Industry Application

China’s Magnetic Material Industry Application

Consumer Electronics Industry Applications

Magnetic materials are widely used in household consumer electronics, and China is already a major exporter of home appliances. Changes in the home appliance market will stimulate or resist the growth of magnetic electronic components.

Consumer electronic products have always been the largest market for magnetic materials in China, but consumer electronic products have undergone qualitative changes. Flat-panel TVs have replaced traditional CRT TVs, and the trend of digitalization has become mainstream. Due to the interference of electromagnetic waves to various electrical appliances, the electromagnetic pollution of the environment has been caused. At home and abroad, green environmental protection has been mentioned as the first task, and the sale of electrical appliances without electromagnetic compatibility and anti-electromagnetic interference is prohibited. Therefore, there will be a large number of magnetic cores with anti-electromagnetic interference. application.

In lighting engineering, in order to further save electric energy, semiconductor light-emitting diodes (LEDs) are used. If this aspect is widely promoted, the demand for ferrite soft magnetism is huge. In addition, various new energy-saving electric light sources, such as HID, LED, high voltage Nano lamps, high-frequency stepless lamps, etc., are used more and more widely. In green lighting equipment, soft ferrite cores are mostly used as power and filter components. In the development and utilization of new energy, the development and utilization of solar energy, wind energy and water energy, the demand for permanent magnets and soft ferrite is increasing.

Information Technology Industry Application

The IT industry represented by computers is an important application field of magnetic electronic components. China has now become an important computer production and export base in the world. With the increase in clock frequency and miniaturization of electronic components in notebook computers, the applied electromagnetic components must also develop to high frequency and chip type accordingly, such as:

(1) A ferrite soft magnetic common mode filter that reduces noise between the power line and the ground;

(2) A chip bead filter that removes high-order harmonic noise components that distort digital signals;

(3) Noise shielding absorber;

(4) Noise filter clamped on the cable;

(5) The DC voltage supplied by the battery becomes the DC voltage required by the circuit with the DC-DC converter core, the network transformer core and the power transformer core;

(6) DC-AC inverter for high AC voltage of LCD backlight;

(7) It is necessary to greatly reduce the magnetic loss to achieve the ferrite transformer core with low heat generation and energy saving in the computer;

(8) IEEE1394/USB interface anti-interference chip magnetic, common mode filter core.

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