Magnetic Knife Racks

Magnetic Knife Holder with Multipurpose Use as Kitchen Knife Magnetic Storage, Stailess Steel Magnetic Knife Rack, Knife Bar, Knife Strip with hooks.

The magnetic knife holder is a handy idea for the kitchen, garage or workshop. Keeping those tools and utensils in reach but out of the way will make any job easier. This attractive wall mounted magnetic knife bar is great for knives, spoons and measuring utensils in the kitchen while you are cooking or use in the garage as a neat way to organize and store your wrenches and screwdrivers. Also keep your knives and scissors up and out of reach of little hands.

Magnetic Knife Racks

Magnetic Knife Racks

Popular Dimension of Magnetic Knife Holder
304 stainless steel + neodymium magnet
Model Size Weight Normal Packing Gross Weight
30 cm magnetic knife holder 30×6×2.5 cm 170 g 4 hooks, 2 screws, white box 232 g
40 cm magnetic knife holder 40×6×2.5 cm 217 g 6 hooks, 2 screws, white box 304 g
45 cm magnetic knife holder 45×6×2.5 cm 235 g 8 hooks, 2 screws, white box 340 g
60 cm magnetic knife holder 60×6×2.5 cm 305 g 12 hooks, 2 screws, white box 446 g
Logo, Size, printing, accessories and packaging are all customizable

Featrues of Magnetic Knife Holder:

Neodymium Strong Magnet
Neodymium magnets are the strongest type of permanent magnet commercially available. Double sided magnetic knife holder with strong neodymium magnets for better fixation of your knives and kitchen utensils.

High grade stainless steel
Magnetic Knife Holder made of high grade stainless steel, with brushed and matte finish, will not rust, corrode or loss luster.

Space saver & with 6 removable hooks
Knives or kitchen utensils whom metal parts can be safely held in the arm during cooking; This magnetic knife holder is a great space saver and organizer. The additional hooks for utensils and gadgets are totally movable on each bar, less clutter and more counter space!


Use the magnetic knife holder as a template and mark the center position of the screws on the wall. Using those markings, drill a pilot hole. Gently tap the plastic anchors into the wall with a hammer. Screw the magnetic knife holder onto the wall.

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