Magnetic Kitchen Utilities Organizer Holder, Stainless Steel Knife Rack, Magnetic Kitchen Utensils, Tools, Utilities Organizer Holder, Refrigerator Magnet Optional Wall-Mounted Knife Holder Magnetic Strip, 16 Magnetic Knife Holder Bar

Instant Access To Your Kitchen Utensils Whenever You Need Them
The Magnetic Utensil Holder is meant for every day use. From cooking, to working at your workbench, EVERYTHING is made easier when your tools are right where you want them, ready to use at a moment’s notice. The best part is that it actually encourages more creativity while you are cooking or w

Magnetic Kitchen Utilities Organizer Holder

Magnetic Kitchen Utilities Organizer Holder

orking because you normally don’t see all of your knives or tools at once. Having them all on display, you can easily realize when you should be using a different one for the job.


Safe And Secure Storage (Away From Children)
One of the many benefits of owning the Stainless Steel Magnetic Kitchen Utensils Holder, is the safety. With this premium magnetic knife bar, you can easily keep your knives out of the reach of children, unlike counter-top knife blocks which are within range of curious little hands. Instead of always being on high-alert wondering what your kids have gotten into, the Magnetic Knife Bar, allows you to rest easy your knowing all your utilies are completely out of reach.

Heavy-Duty Magnets & Durability
The heavy-duty magnets in the Wall Knife Magnet Block instantly grasp any tool or knife and securely hold it there – so you can be sure it’s safe and right where you left it. The high-grade stainless steel that gives the Magnet Knife Strip its ultra-modern look also serves to protect it from rust and further add to its lifetime value.

Nothing Looks Better Than Organization
Everyone loves that feeling of having everything is in its rightful place and looking good. No more mess, headaches and frustration looking for your tools. This snazzy stainless steel kitchen utensil/ tools holder helps you proudly display your collection of tools or knives in a very attractive and modern way, adding a sleek, modern touch to your décor in any room.

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