Magnetic holding pads are designed for securing items to receptive surfaces. They are used extensively for securing roof signs to vehicles and signs to steelwork and internal metal structures.

Magnetic holding pads

Magnetic holding pads

They work by exerting a combination of high magnetic strength and friction, giving an immense resistance to shear forces when mounted to smooth steelwork.

The magnetic base that is in contact with the metal surface has a polyurethane coating that is relatively soft to prevent scratching. The back plates of the magnets are zinc coated to prevent corrosion and come with the design options of holes or threaded studs for fixing.

The MagPads, Mag Pads, Taxi Magnets and Car Roof Top Magnets do not work on non-magnetic surfaces such as carbon fibre, plastic, filler repaired sections – they will not hold and will fall or slide off.
How well the MagPads, Mag Pads, Taxi Magnets and Car Roof Top Magnets will hold an item in place depends on the item you wish to hold e.g. a tall and wide large sign may be less aerodynamic and require more holding force than a short and narrow LED lighting strip. Sometimes the customer has to calculate the required force and empirically verify suitability.


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