Magnetic Field Lines of Pot Magnet

As for the term “pot magnet”, many people may have heard for the first time that the pot magnet is a kind of magnet wrapped in a steel shell and shaped like a pot, so we call it pot magnet (cup magnet), also called magnetic component. Through magnetic circuit design, the steel shell will increase magnetic force.

Magnetic Field Lines of Pot Magnet

Magnetic Field Lines of Pot Magnet

The distribution of magnetic field lines of the pot magnet
pot magnet magnetic line
The distribution of magnetic force lines of the simple magnet and the basin magnet can be clearly seen by the simulation software. The lines of force of a simple magnet are distributed freely in the air. The permeability of the shell is much higher than that of the air, so the lines of force in the steel shell are easier to pass through than those in the air. The guidance of the magnetic circuit causes the magnetic field lines to focus on the working surface. After contact with the working face, the magnetic force line of the basin magnet is much more focused than that of the simple magnet, so its pulling force is many times stronger than that of the simple magnet.

Types of pot magnets
There are five forms of pot magnet: bi-pole, countersunk, through hole, internal threaded, and stud.

Application of pot magnet(used for)
1. Attract things
2, door stops
3. Traction lamp
4. Magnetic clamp
5. Magnetic bases
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