Magnetic Coupling Design Considerations

Magnetic Coupling Design by customer, please send inquiry to us,  The following are some of the issues involved in the design of customer, HSMAG will provide you with an accurate magnetic coupling design solution.



1) What is the operational environment? Having a proper understanding of where the magnet or magnetic assembly is used helps to clarify materials selections.

2) What is the target gap? Can the target gap be minimized since this parameter is a first order cost driver?

3) What are annual usage requirements? Low volume applications requiring high coupling torque values require complex magnet arrays which drive higher costs.

4) What is the Rotational/Linear speed?

5) What are the required mechanical features? Will your coupling application require mounting holes, shoulders, etc.? What is the shaft size?

HangSeng Magnetics designs, engineers, and manufactures magnetic torque and magnetic linear couplers for OEM power transmission applications that require a seal to prevent contamination or leakage between wet and dry systems (e.g., pumps).

Through our years of working with customers to design and deliver magnetic coupling devices, we have developed a list of frequently asked questions to assist in your design process.


linear magnetic couplings

Linear Magnetic Couplings

Linear Magnetic Couplings, Linear Magnetic Couplers, Permanent Magnet Linear Couplings, Synchronous Magnetic Linear Couplers, Tubular Magnetic Coupling, Planar Magnetic Coupling Linear Magnetic Couplings are simpler compared with torque couplers. It can be two magnets or comprised of engineered arrays containing multiple magnets of various configurations. The required coupling force and the operating environment are the prime design […]

torque magnetic couplings

Torque Magnetic Couplings

Torque Magnetic Couplings, Torque Magnetic Couplers, Permanent Magnet Torque Couplings, Synchronous Magnetic Torque Couplers, Coaxial Torque Magnetic Coupling, Face to Face Torque Magnetic Coupling Torque Magnetic Couplings Part No.:  HSTQMC Material: NdFeB, SmCo, AlNiCo Shape: Custom Dimension: Custom Grade: Custom Coaxial – these types of magnetic couplings are configured so that one member of the coupling is fully nested within the ID of […]

permanent magnetic couplings

Permanent Magnetic Couplings

Permanent Magnetic Couplings, Permanent Magnet Couplings for Pump, Rare Earth Permanent Magnetic Coupling, Torque Magnetic Coupling, Linear Magnetic Couplings, Coaxial, Face to Face, Tubular, Planar Permanent magnetic couplings offer an efficient, leak-proof, cost effective, and more reliable alternative to various conventional sealing methods. Permanent magnet couplings made from rare‐earth materials such as NdFeB render substantial torque, and are used in numerous applications that cannot […]

hysteresis magnetic coupling

Hysteresis Magnetic Coupling

Hysteresis Magnetic Coupling, Permanent Magnetic Couplings, Hysterisis Face to Face Coupling, Hysterisis Linear Coaxial Coupling, Hysterisis Linear Planar Coupling Side by Side, Magnetic Hysterisis Coaxial Coupling Hysteresis Magnetic Coupling – As a hybrid of the Class 1 and Class 2 technologies, this coupling is typically used in an asynchronous fashion as a force limiter, but can be utilized in […]

Eddy Current Magnetic Coupling

Eddy Current Magnetic Coupling

Eddy Current Magnetic Coupling, Asynchronous Magnetic Coupling, Eddy Current Linear Planar Coupling Side by Side, Magnetic Eddy Current Coupling Face to Face, Eddy Current Linea Coaxial Magnetic Coupling, Permanent Magnetic Coupling Drive Manufacturer Eddy Current Magnetic Coupling – This coupling is an asynchronous version that relies on a speed mismatch between the driver and follower to produce a force. An array […]

synchronous magnetic coupling

Synchronous Magnetic Coupling

Synchronous Magnetic Coupling, Magnetic Synchronous Coupling, Permanent Magnetic Couplings, Synchronous Magnetic Clutches, Syncronous Coaxial Coupling, Permanent Magnet Synchronous Couplings Pump, Face to Face Coupling, Synchronous Magnetic Coupling – Provide synchronous connection to transmit torque and speed for all manufacturing applications. Available in shaft-to-shaft, disk or shaft-flange styles, these clutches transmit force with no physical contact. They are even capable […]