Magnetic Coolant Separator

In magnetic coolant separator (magnetic dust separator), the coolant fluid with iron dust particles falling by gravity to the inlet of the separator from the precision machine tools such as grinders, milling machines, automates etc. The coolant with iron impurities come into contact directly with magnetic drum and extracts all iron particles.
The magnetic drum is kept clean all the times by a scraper blade along the circumference.
A rubber roller squeezes the sludge gathered to ensure that no coolant is wasted.

We manufacture and supply superior quality coolant magnetic separators which are used to purify the coolant liquid of very fine ferrous particles. The separator is designed in such a way that it facilitates the removal of iron chips from the milling or grinding liquid. The separator can be used very easily as it is light and compact structure having strong magnetic power.

Magnetic Coolant Separator

Magnetic Coolant Separator

Features of Coolant Magnetic Separators

1. Operation is automatic. You can remove all the contaminants easily.
2. Can be applied on new or existing machines. Stainless steel housing.
3. The coolant separator has self adjusting scraper blade.
4. Easy to install and operate.
5. A neoprene rubber roller with covered bearings.
6. A stainless steel blade with adjustments for efficient scrapping of the sludge.

A sturdy welded M.S Frame / S.S Frame.
The magnets enclosed in stainless steel drum having powerful an-isotropic ferrite magnet with uniform magnetic filed all along the circumference.
A neoprene rubber roller with cover bearings.
A stainless steel blade with adjustments for an efficient scrapping of the sludge.
An electric motor working 440 V with reduction gear revolving the drum at about 6.5 RPM.
Customized design is also available.


Cleaner coolant with a longer service life
Lengthened tool life
Machine accuracy maintained
Reduced machine downtime
Lower cost per work piece
Low initial cost
Virtually no maintenance cost
No indexing required to obtain minimum filtration of non-magnetic particles in coolant
Increased production
Uniform part finish
Reduced pump and machine wear
No wear or baffle adjustment required due to flow variations


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