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Magnetic Clip

Magnetic clip is a normal clip with a very strong neodymium magnet on the back side, it is convenient to attach paper, memo board to refrigerators, or other steel surfaces, it is a great and new promotional object. A magnetic clip is a easy way to hold all your important messages and papers together onto metal surfaces, it is widely used and can be found anywhere like office, school etc., it is also going to be a regular household product, you can use them to seal food bags and keep messages on the refrigerator for your family members or colleagues to have a look.

Magnet clip come in many different shapes, colors, and sizes, also a company name or logo can be printed on it. Every time someone clips a piece of paper with it, they’re seeing the name of your company or any information you like. Even when it’s not in use, it’s still showing a name or logo when anyone happens to look at it. The magnetic clip is becoming a great example of an excellent promotional product.

Customize the Magnetic Clip Holder with your brand name, logo and contact information by HSMAG. Not only do the magnetic clip provide useful service in house, they also offer a simple way to increase brand recognition when given away as promotional items to clients and customers.

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Paper Clip Dispenser Magnetic Clip Holder

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Magnetic Clip Dispensers Wholesale

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Promotional Magnetic Clip Dispenser

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Telephone Shape Magnetic Clips

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