Magnetic Clasps and Closures for Necklaces Chain Jewelry Making

Durable and Safe Materials:Our necklace clasps made of strong magnetic and 14k gold or silver plated,nickel-free.they are really light weight and do not fade so you can be used them for a long time.
Magnetic Necklace Clasps Size: 0.7in length and 0.2in diameter,the light weight is only about 1.2g / 0.0026lb
Jewelry Claps Packing List: Each gift box contains 4 pieces of magnetic clasps (2 gold 2 silver).If you’re suffering with arthritis or have limited use of your hands, these easy magnetic clasp and closures will be a blessing to you! Start wearing your beloved jewelry pieces again
Easy to Use: Simply place your favorite necklace/bracelet/anklets to the left and right of this clasp,they can easily attract together. It only takes a second you can easily put them on and take them off
Flexible and Interesting Design: This clasps widely ranges use for making necklaces, bracelets or other DIY jewelry crafts.Suitable for birthday,wedding,mother’s day,anniversary,party and other special can also send the finished products to your loved ones as gifts

Screw-in Locking Magnetic Jewelry Clasps

High Quality Material: Lead&cadmium free brass and nickel release free.
Locking Holding: The built-in magnet has firmly holding strength to keep jewelry secured.
Add On Length: The clasp converter connector adds an extra length to the jewelry.

Using the O-ring and lobster clasp on the end of magic magnetic clasp to connect your jewelry

Screwing off the clasp, and gently pull the clasp into two part

Connecting the two parts of clasp (the magnets will attract together)

Screwing on the two parts of clasp

Safer Than Magnets Alone
The magnetic clasps are drawn together easily when you bring them near to each other, making it easier to put your jewelry on either from the front or the back.
This magic magnetic clever clasp is a handy for those having long nails, or suffering from arthritis. The magnetic lobster clasp have a screw on on the ends.
Simple with security and it locks securely to keep your jewelry intact. Easy to use.
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Maintenance Instructions
Easy to damage when exposed to chemicals.
The aroma of bathing, the chlorine in swimming, and the salt in the sea water will accelerate the fading or damage.
Therefore, all accessories should be removed before bathing or swimming.
Especially in the hot summer, the coating is easily eroded by long-term exposure to sweat, so it is best to prepare multiple pieces for frequent replacement.

Magnetic Clasps and Closures for Necklaces Chain Jewelry Making

Magnetic Clasps and Closures for Necklaces Chain Jewelry Making

How to Choose Magnetic Clasps

Size is an important factor to consider while choosing magnetic clasps. It is important to make sure the weight of the necklace is not too heavy for the size of the magnetic clasp as this can affect the fastening ability of the clasp. It is also important the magnetic clasp is not too big for the jewelry so that it does not look out of place.

You should consider the shape of the magnetic clasp when choosing one. This is because certain shapes of magnetic clasps will look better with certain jewelry. For example, a ball magnetic clasp will look marvelous with jewelry made with round beads.

Color is another factor to consider when choosing magnetic clasps for your jewelry. For example, a silver magnetic clasp will be perfect for silver jewelry. Likewise, a copper-colored magnetic clasp will be just right for copper-colored jewelry.

Other Uses of Magnetic Clasps

Purses/ Wallets
Magnetic clasps are also used in making some purses and wallets. They are equally used for decorative purposes and as locks in these purses and wallets.

Magnetic clasps are becoming more popular in the jewelry industry. They are easy to use and come in different creative designs. Thank you for reading and we hope it can help you to have a better understanding of magnet uses. If you want to learn more about magnets, we would like to advise you to Stanford Magnets for more information.

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