Magnetic Chutes, High Intensity Magnetic Chute Separator

Magnetic Chutes are used for trapping and separating iron particles mixed with dry, granular or powdered materials. They are generally used where flowing material characteristics are sticky and non free flowing. They come with either Conical Magnets fitted on hinged doors or Magnetic Plates fitted on the sides. These systems are easy to clean and maintain.

Industries Using Magnetic Chutes:
Dyes & Powder Pigments

Magnetic Chutes

Magnetic Chutes


In a door type Magnetic Chute, the magnets are placed on the doors and in the Bullet type Chute, conical shape magnet is fixed at the center of the chute.

The central Magnet is fitted on hinged door and can be swung out for manual cleaning of arrested iron particles after the batch is over or at decided frequency of cleaning. Inside the bullet magnet there are guided strips that direct material onto the bullets’ face.

The chutes are generally placed vertically on the discharge ducts. However if required it can also be placed horizontally between the material flow lines. Such systems may call for suction.


Magnetic Chutes have following features:
The magnetic Chutes can be installed easily in a flow line.
They give complete magnetic protection by attracting iron particles over the magnet surface by trapping particles as fine as 10 micron.
The bullet magnet is installed in finished condition for life of the bullet and ease of cleaning
For different flow rates the magnetic chutes of different sizes are available.
High Intensity Rear Earth Magnets are used fitting best to the user’s requirement.

How does it work?

Magnetic chute is placed in the flow path of the materials passing through the ducts, with help of flanges.As the material flows through the chute, the iron contamination gets attracted on the magnetic surface and the non magnetic material flows out of it without any disturbance.

Information required for design of magnetic chutes:
Size of the duct and the flange with which the chute has to be fixed
Type of material and Size of particle
Size and concentration of contamination
Flow rate


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