Magnetic Bases and Tripods

Switchable Magnetic Bases
magnetic bases are switchable via the front panel knobs. Standard holes are present, additional holes can be introduced. magnetic bases use, refer to the fixture, as scaffold, for quick setting of stops, as a welding aid, etc.

Magnetic Joint Tripods
Magnetic joint tripods in robust and stable construction have a 4-piece articulated boom with hydraulic central clamping. The fine adjustment via a knurled screw. The magnetic base can be switched with a prism sole for flat and round seating surfaces.

Magnetic Bases and Tripods

Magnetic Bases and Tripods

Switchable Magnetic Base
Normal flat grippers require enormous effort and instantly and immovably hold their position. When displaying and removing, the risk of damage to the surface is huge. Switchable flat grippers can be gently displayed, positioned and removed. They only become magnetic once they are switched on. Exactly when you want them to.

Magnets with an OFF Switch
Can neodymium magnets be turned on and off?
Generally, no. The neodymium magnets we provide are also called, “permanent magnets.” The word “permanent” means they stay magnetized for a long time. They are always on.
This is the opposite of an electromagnet, where you have to run an electric current through a wire whenever you want it to act like a magnet. No flow of electricity, no magnet.
It’s also opposite of a “temporary” magnet, like when you stick a (permanent) magnet to a steel paperclip, and that steel acts like a magnet as long as the (permanent) magnet is stuck to it. Remove the magnet, and the paperclip stops acting so magnet-like.
When people ask us for magnets that can be turned off, we say it’s not possible. Neodymium magnets, large and small, tend to stay ON. That’s part of what makes them so useful.
A simple magnet doesn’t come with an ON/OFF switch.

Multi-Angle On/Off Switch Magnet

Dual Switch On/Off Magnet

Rubber Coated Magnetic Base D43 M4

What is a Magnetic Stands?

Round Magnetic Bases with Coolant Hose

Magnetic Lamp Base