Magnetic Bar Rod Tube for Separator is used for separating ferrous contaminants from free flowing material, which are good choice of bar separator you can find in China. All the ferrous particles like bolts, nuts, chips, damaging tramp iron can be caught and held effectively. So it provides a good solution of material magnetic separation and equipment protection.



Magnetic Bars Construction:
magnetic bars (magnetic filter tubes) are constructed by strong permanent magnets with stainless steel shell. SS shell can be chosen from SS304, SS316 and SS316L. Either round or square shaped bars are available for customers’ requirements for special applications.

Magnetic Tubes Size:
Our standard magnetic bar is 25 mm (1 inch) in diameter and any length per customers’ request up to 2500mm.
Actually, diameter of round magnetic bar can be 10 mm smallest and largest to 101.6 mm .

Working Temperature:
Standard magnetic bars are designed to work in temperature of 80℃, but if demand, working temperature of our magnetic bars can be make up to 350℃ to meet your special applications.


Nail head, eye nuts, thread hole, threaded rod and other kind of ends for necessary mounding.
round rod magnetic bar, thread rod magnetic bar, nail head magnetic bars, cusp bar magnet, magnetic bar with eye nuts, magnetic bar with thread hole


Magnetic Force of These Magnetic Bars:
The force of these magnetic bars subjects to customers’ requirements. The highest magnetic strength of Dia. 25 mm can achieve 12,000 GS (1.2 Tesla). Of course, larger diameter, higher magnetic strength.

How to select our products?
Please advise us the above necessary information to make enquiry. If you aren’t in a position to offer these information, please feel free to contact our engineer and acquaint us with the application environment and material condition.