Magnetic Attachment Wireless Charging

Apple Inc. launched their iPhone 12 series recently. Magnetic attachment wireless charging and MagSafe accessories attracted the most attention and analysis. Actually, Apple Inc. has been already utilized magnetic attachment wireless charging in their iWatch and Apple Pencil, then also obtained positive market feedback.

Magnetic Attachment Wireless Charging

As a new type of energy transmission technology, wireless charging technology help charger free of the limitation of line, thus achieved completely separation between electrical equipment and power source. Wireless charging technology exhibits greater advantages in security and flexibility compared with traditional charger, therefore, it has been largely served to mobile phone, computer, wearable smart device, and electric vehicle. Mainstream wireless charging technology includes electromagnetic induction type, radio wave type, and resonance effect type. Low-power wireless charging is basically using electromagnetic induction type, especially Qi for mobile phone. High-power charging typically adopt resonance effect type.

Magnets for Magnetic Attachment Wireless Charging

Apple Inc. has introduced wireless charging function from iPhone 8 in 2017. iPhone begin recharging once placed on wireless charger, but it hugely depends on whether transmit coil could be fixed with receiving coil. Misplacement will cause decreasing charging efficiency, low power, long charging time, and serious heating. Apple Inc. launched iPhone 12 series with new magnetic wireless charging technology to solve the terrible experience in traditional wireless charging. The latest teardown report published by iFixit showed that either iPhone 12 series or charger has magnetic array, then it will help iPhone and charger achieve automatic positioning and aligning. The thickness of the magnet in the magnetic array is merely 0.375mm which advance higher requirement on the machinability of sintered Neodymium magnet. Attractive force between magnetic arrays is high enough due to special magnetizing pattern. Apple Inc. already requested their magnet supplier to provide 0.300mm magnet.

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