Magnet in Singapore

Magnet in Singapore (Neodymium)

A magnet is fun.

Check out the various magnetic product that you can get in Singapore.

Where can you buy “Neodymium” magnet in Singapore?

Neodymium magnet also known as NEO magnet has a very strong magnet strength. The bigger it is, the more magnetic strength it has.

Handle with care especially if the magnet is big. The strength of the magnet is enough to get you hurt badly. Always wrap around the magnet with thick packaging. The magnet is actually quite brittle and can chip off easily. Once the magnet is in contact with another magnet, the likely way to separate them is to slide them away from each other. The bigger the magnet, the more difficult it is to slide them apart.

Magnet in Singapore Neodymium magnet shapes sizes

Magnet in Singapore Neodymium magnet shapes sizes

Neodymium Magnet in Singapore

Neoi (
HangSeng Magnets (HSMAG)
Alniff Industries
Nihon Industrial Products
New-era Electro-Magnetic International
Sim Lim Tower (Sun Light Electronics, Continental Electronic Enterprise)

Neodymium Magnet from Overseas


Liquid Magnetic (Ferrofluid)

Liquid Magnetic (Ferrofluid)

Liquid Magnet (Ferrofluid)

A liquid magnet is known as Ferrofluid. Being liquid means it does not have any forms. This results in its ability to display itself in a shape of the magnetic field. It is fun and educational to watch the ferrofluid changing its pattern when interacting with a physical magnet.

Places where you can buy Ferrofluid

Ferrofluid (FerroTec)
Bulk Ferrofluid (100ml), Educational Innovations
Ferrofluid in a Bottle, Simply Clever Toys

Magnetic Putty

Magnetic Putty

Magnetic Putty

Magnet putty is a semi-solid stuff. It looks like soft play dough. Due to its magnetic properties, the magnet putty changes its shape and move when there is a magnet nearby influencing it.

Places where you can buy Magnet Putty to play with

HangSeng Magnetics
Sticky Putty, Mark’s Magnetic Thinking Putty Crazy Aaron
Magnetic Thinking Putty, Simply Clever Toys

High Tech Magnetic technology Polymagnet

High Tech Magnetic technology Polymagnet

High Tech Magnetic products – Polymagnet 

This is the latest magnet technology on the market. The magnet is printed and is able to generate creative magnet field pattern. This results in many creative applications that we could not imagine implement using this magnet technology.

Polymagnet (Correlated Magnetics Research LLC)