Magnet Fishing Magnets Powerful Magnetic Tool

It has a strong magnetic performance and will never demagnetized
It can absorb iron metal
Ideal to use in treasure hunting in the river or lake
Material: Strong Magnet and A3 Steel; Working temperature: 80deg
Package Contents per Variant:
1 x Magnet Fishing Magnets Powerful Magnetic Tool

If you are searching for magnet fishing magnets, then you have come to the right page. Sometimes we look for things that are hard to find online, and you will be glad once you find it. If you are searching everywhere for fishing magnets, your search ends here. You will be glad that you have come across this page that will help you with whatever you are looking for. This fishing magnet has a strong magnetic performance that you are going to adore. You will be happy to know that it will serve its purpose, and it will not disappoint you. Get this magnet and check out how it will help you with your underwater activities. This magnet fishing magnets are ideal to use when you to the beach to find something under the sea.

Magnet Fishing Magnets Powerful Magnetic Tool

Magnet Fishing Magnets Powerful Magnetic Tool

Use For Treasure Hunting At The Lake
These magnet fishing magnets are suitable to use when you want to go treasure hunting at the lake or in the river. If you want to find something underwater, then you need to bring these magnets with you. Whatever you may find under the river, pretty sure, you are going to enjoy looking for it. You can go out on an adventure with your family and friends looking for something worthy under the lake. Well, you never know what you may find in there. It will be fun and enjoyable to involve everyone with your treasure hunting, as they say, the more, the merrier. Everyone will unquestionably enjoy this kind of adventure.

Can Absorb Iron Metal
These magnet fishing magnets can absorb iron metal. Furthermore, you have to know that the larger the contact area, the better the magnetic effect. Bring this magnet with you and see how it is convenient to use underwater.

The magnet is made qualitatively, packed in several layers of different packaging materials. Do not try to test at home its strength, leaning against household appliances while you peel off-all break. Magnet is good, powerful. The ring is comfortable, if desired, it can be unscrewed and screwed the magnet somewhere with a suitable thread.

A good disassembled magnet-hyrika. The real load is not yet possible to check, but it magnetifies well. The magnet itself is compact easily fits in the palm of your hand. Delivery about three weeks.

Delivery takes exactly a month. Packed in a cardboard box and a puffy bag. Super reliable packaging. The magnet itself is small in size. Delivery directly to the apartment by courier. Immediately began to try how it magnetizes. Magnetitis is very good. Not even expected. Small parts we unstuck without problems. But they took and attached to the metal pillars that support the roof. So they did it with difficulty. Therefore, keep in mind that to large metal surfaces you need to magnetize with caution. The description of the goods corresponds to reality. Thank you.

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