HS Magnetics is your ultimate choice for magnet assemblies.

Magnetic assemblies involve magnets along with other components, such as steel housing or even non-magnetic components, assembled together using mostly adhesive technology. The selection of all components and adhesive is very important, and it depends greatly on the application and environmental conditions.



HS Magnetics can assist you with this selection process. Apart from the components and adhesive involved, the other most important aspect is the assembly process. It can be very meticulous and time consuming, and special care is taken so that all assembly procedures are followed correctly. Most of the steps are irreversible so if anything goes wrong at a later stage; it may not be possible to correct it, thereby causing loss of material and resources. Most of the critical assemblies are performed in our clean room, which also prevents any sort of contamination. We are also equipped with doing post processes such as magnetizing after assembly, coating, field measurement, etc.

When you come to us, we are your one stop source helping from designing to providing finished assemblies. We do procure all of the components ourselves, but are also willing to accept customer’s proprietary material to perform assembly.

Please call us for off the shelf Magnet Assemblies or any customized application that you need help with. We will be glad to work with you on your requirement.

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We offers a wide range of magnetic lifer and holding magnets for lifting, inclued hook magnets, holding and retrieving magnets, permanent lifing magnet and round base magnet, etc.  The category inclued magnetic hooks, ceiling magnets, organisational systems, magnetic wreath hanger, magnetic holders, clikmagnet and magnetic tool holders, etc. HSMAG offers a wide range of magnetic separation equipment for capturing, controlling and removing ferrous tramp metal contaminants from products and processing systems.  We offer a wide range of retrieve / pick up products, inclued magnetic sweepers, magnetic catches, guitar pickup magnets, door stopper, magnetic clips and so on.   Specialty products inclued magnetic ball joints, promotional magnets, name badge holder, skittle magnet, cow magnets, magnetic clasps, etc.


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 Magnetic Motor Parts
Magnetic coupling connects motor and machine by permanent magnetic force. Permanent magnetic chuck, electro-permanent magnetic chuck, round and rectangular shaped  Magnetic Motor Parts, Components, Permanent Magnet (PM) Motor Parts, Magnetic Rotor, Stator