Introduce Main Causes Aging of NdFeB Magnets

Aging, I believe you are not unfamiliar, mechanical equipment components will have aging, as for speed, depending on the protection situation, Nd-Fe-B permanent magnets will also be aging, then what are the reasons affecting the aging of NdFeB strong magnets?

Introduce Main Causes Aging of NdFeB Magnets

Introduce Main Causes Aging of NdFeB Magnets

There are two main reasons for NdFeB aging.

1. Moisture
The humid or salt fog environment is not conducive to the preservation of NdFeB. Long time in this environment will cause Nd-Fe-B surface corrosion, resulting in Nd-Fe-B aging.
The solution is to choose 24-hour salt spray test coatings or 48-72-hour salt spray test coatings for longer time.

2. High temperature
Nd-Fe-B has different material grades such as N-grade M-grade.
Different brands have different maximum operating temperatures and Curie temperatures. For example, NdFeB of N grade has a maximum working temperature of 80 C. Above this temperature, the magnetism of NdFeB will be lost. At Curie temperature, the magnetism is completely lost. Generally speaking, when the highest temperature is reached, the magnet will be damaged, resulting in the aging damage of NdFeB.

These are the two main reasons that affect the aging of Nd-Fe-B magnets, Edited by Magnet Supplier HSMAG.

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