Injection molded Neodymium magnets

Besides sintered magnets and bonded magnets categories, injection molded magnet is one of the more important developments in magnetic materials, it has opened a new world of application opportunities. Similar to plastic injection molding, magnet injection molding process is by mixing the magnetic powder together with polymer binder, heated in the injection machine and shooting the melted mixtures into the mold to achieve different shapes of products.

Injection molded Neodymium magnets

Injection molded Neodymium magnets

Features and benefits of injection molded NdFeB

l Injection molded magnets can be of very complex shapes with high precision, typically, tolerance is+/- 0.005mm, it is suitable for high precision parts
l It is a new technology to achieve adjustable magnetic properties, composite molding, elastic magnetization and high mechanical strength
l By doing insert molding, magnetic material can be directly molded into or onto other assembly components without further assembly process
l Magnetic powder is neodymium-iron-boron (NdFeB), either isotropic or anisotropic. And Polymer binders utilized are PA6,PA12 and PPS
l Anisotropic NdFeB powder achieves the highest magnetic force as injection molded magnet. And it is possible to achieve BHmax 17GMOe, and can replace some of sintered products

(Super) Compact Motor, Actuator, Compact Sensor, Motor, etc

arc permanent magnet

Sintered NdFeB Motor Arc Permanent Magnet

Sintered NdFeB Motor Arc Permanent Magnet, N28UH Neodymium-Iron-Boron (NdFeB) Permanent Rare Earth Segment Magnets, electronics High Temp ARC Neodymium PM Magnet for Electric Servo Motors, AC asynchronous motor, Starter or DC motors Sintered NdFeB Motor Arc Permanent Magnet Feature: Part No.: 28UHNBS18.8 Dimensions:18.8 mm o.r. x31.0 mm I.r. x23.2 mm x12.0mm Material: Neodymium, Grade N28UH Plating/Coating: Nickel + Copper […]


arc magnets

PMLSM Permanent Motor Arc Magnets

Permanent Motor Arc Magnets, Arc Segment shaped Strong Neodymium Magnet for Motor, odulation ( PWM) DC motor, Ndfeb Arc Magnet for Motor, Sintered NdFeB Permanent Arc Magnets for Electric Motors, PMLSM servo system or DC motors Permanent Motor Arc Magnets Feature: Part No.: 35EHNBS43.5 Dimension: R43.0XR37.0X49.6X25 mm Material: Neodymium, Grade N35EH Plating : Nickel + Copper + Nickel Magnetization Direction: North […]


35SH Arc Color Zinc Coated NdFeB Magnet

35SH Custom Made Arc Color Zinc Coated NdFeB Magnet

N35SH Custom Made Arc Color Zinc Coated NdFeB Magnet, Rare Earth Arc Segment NdFeB Magnet for Motor, Strong Nedoymium Iron Boron Color Zinc Coating Magnet, Customized Permanent Arc Neodymium Magnet N35SH Custom Made Arc Color Zinc Coated NdFeB Magnet Feature: Magnet material : NdFeB or Neodymium Iron Boron Magnet shape: Arc segment Magnet grade: N35SH Magnet size […]