Ingenious Magnetic Clamps, Mag Jig Magnetic Clamps

These magnetic jig ingenious magnetic clamps each contain two powerful rare-earth magnets. With the knob turned to the “on” position, the magnets align and cling to any ferrous surface. In the “off” position, the magnets counteract each other to release the clamp for removal or repositioning. The instant on/off toggle makes them ideal for custom jigs and fixtures.

Ingenious Magnetic Clamps

Ingenious Magnetic Clamps

They are available with either 20mm or 30mm magnets that exert 95 lb and 155 lb of force respectively. They have aluminum bodies with rubber-coated knobs for grip. The 20mm size mounts in a 1-3/16″ hole, while the 30mm jig requires a 1-5/8″ hole. Both install in material 3/4″ thick.

An excellent alternative to traditional clamping methods.

Mag Jig Magnetic Clamps

Mag Jig Magnetic Clamps


magnetic clamp

Magnetic Clamp

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square magnetic clamp

Square Magnetic Clamp

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magnetic balancing regulator

Magnetic Balancing Regulator

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600 Amp Switchable Magnetic Ground Clamp

Switchable Magnetic Ground Clamp

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magnetic welding ground clamp

Magnetic Welding Ground Clamp

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On Off Magnetic Ground Clamps

On/Off Magnetic Ground Clamps

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