Industry Guide for Magnets & Magnetic Separators

Industry Magnets Guide – For advice on how to use magnets within your industries, please find following description as reference.

Industry Magnets Guide – Food Processing

The evolution of global food safety standards is a constant reminder of the importance of maintaining product quality and the need to ensure that final products are free from all types of contaminants. To assist your plant in meeting these ever-increasing standards, we manufacture Plate magnet for chutes, the Magnetic Grids or Magnetic Bars for hoppers, Magnetic drawer for gravity fed chutes. Where risk of product bridging may occur in vertical chutes, we recommend the Magnetic Rotary Separator and Magnetic chute. We also manufacture the Bullet Magnet for pneumatic pipelines, Suspension Plate Magnet for conveyors and the Magnetic Liquid Traps for liquids.

Industry Magnets Guide – Pharmaceutical and chemical

Used to keep the product free from contamination we have supplied virtually our whole range of magnetic separators for in-line protection. Primarily supplied with high intensity rare earth magnets.

The pharmaceutical industry must meet stringent requirements for product purity. We offer a full line of magnetic separators, including Magnetic drawer, Drum magnets, Grates and Magnetic bars, Plate magnets, Magnetic chutes, hump magnets and Magnetic rotary Separator, to the pharmaceutical and chemical processing industries to fulfill the parameters of pharmaceutical and chemical industries, including sanitary finish, special coatings, stainless steel enclosures

Industry Magnets Guide – Grains Milling, Animal Feed Processing

We provides magnetic separators throughout grain and flour-milling facilities to remove tramp iron from product including Magnetic drawers, Magnetic drum separators, , Grates and Magnetic bars, Plate magnets, Magnetic chutes, and Bullet Magnet. Although the obvious function of the equipment is to prevent tramp iron from inclusion in final products, removal of metal particles also protects plant equipment from damage.
The location of the magnet will vary depending upon the process and the setting. Magnets are typically found in three areas within a facility:
Primary applications, where incoming grain arrives at the plant receiving areas.
Secondary applications, where in processing.
Finishing applications, where processed grain, flour or another end-product are ready to package and loaded.

Industry Magnets Guide

Industry Magnets Guide

Industry Magnets Guide – Textile

HSMAG offers a wide range of magnetic separators to the textile industry including Magnetic drawers, Magnetic drum separators, Magnetic Grates and Magnetic Bars, Magnetic chutes, Plate magnets, and Plate Magnet. Where metal contamination occurs in a pneumatically conveyed pipeline, usually in the blow room, we recommend a Hump Magnet, The Magnetic Sweeper is used to keep floor space free from ferrous contamination.

Industry Magnets Guide – Plastic Processing

Whether you wish to clean your product of ferrous metal contamination or protect your machinery from tramp iron, Industry Magnets Guide.
A variety of metal contaminants can find their way into the manufacturing process in plastic processing. Some contaminants occur as a result of processing, while others are simply inherent to the product itself. So the most important job of production personnel is to implement safeguards that capture and remove contaminants before they pollute final products or damage other equipment. We can provide the magnet for your requirements. We manufacture the Magnetic Grates or Magnetic bars to be placed in hoppers. We also supply Magnetic drawer for fitting into gravity fed chutes.

Industry Magnets Guide – Timber/Wood

The wooden industry faces a number of unique challenges. Whether running a sawmill, an engineered wood plant or a paper and pulp factory, the cost of operation is enormous and profit lies in producing the best product without downtime or wasted resources. magnetic separators, including Plate Magnet, Magnetic Pulleys and Drum magnets, keeps your processing equipment safe from damage and your product free from metal contaminants.

Used in-line after powerful shredders, the Hump Magnet is used to extract the chopped ferrous metal contamination from the product. This serves both to clean the end result product and protect machinery further down the line, such as boilers or incinerators. Similarly the magnetic hump is fitted into dust extraction pipelines to protect the in-line fans or suction units. Where pressure and space limitation are more critical factors, we recommend the Bullet Magnet. In certain situations where bridging may occur, we recommend the Magnetic Chute.

Industry Magnets Guide – Paper and Pulp

We offer a wide range of magnetic separators (Industry Magnet) including Drum magnets, Plate magnets, Magnetic Liquid traps and Plate Magnet. Especially important in the paper and pulp industry is the need to check raw materials for tramp metal before they enter the facility.

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