Industrial Strength Magnetic Separation Equipment

At HangSeng Magnetics, Inc. (HSMAG), we specialize in industrial strength magnetic separation equipment for the removal of ferrous and non-ferrous metal contaminants from dry or liquid product flows and we are the first manufacturer to offer 52 MgOe rare earth material as a standard in many of our metal separation products. Our magnetic separators are used in industries such as food, chemical, plastics, and feed and grain, to improve product purity and protect processing equipment from damage.

While available in standard sizes, strengths and designs to meet most applications, HSMAG specializes in modified standard products and custom solutions, and offers design and engineering assistance for unique or difficult applications. Our magnetic metal separation equipment has saved untold dollars in reduced downtime and contaminated product recalls.

Industrial Strength Magnetic Separation Equipment

Industrial Strength Magnetic Separation Equipment

Tramp Metal In-Stream Separation Magnets
Gravity Feed –
Magnets In The Product Stream
Magnetic Grates
Large Tube Housings
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Tramp Metal Plate Magnet Separators
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Magnets Outside The Product Stream
Plate Style Magnets
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Tramp Metal Conveyor Line Magnet Separators
Conveyor Line Magnets
Suspended Permanent Overhead
Magnetic Separation Pulley
Drum Separators
Eddy Current Separators
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Tramp Metal Pneumatic Line Magnet Separators
Pneumatic Line Magnets
Pneumatic Line Housing
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4JIT Vacuum Line Magnet
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Tramp Metal Liquid Line Magnetic Separators
Liquid Line Magnets
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Tramp Metal Plastics Separator Magnets
Magnets For Plastics Processing
Magnetic Grates
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4JIT Vacuum Line Magnet
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Tramp Metal Magnet Testing and Inspection Tools
Testing and Inspection items
Magnetic Pull Test Kit
Magnetic Inspection Probe
Metal Detectable & X-Ray Inspectable Seals & Gaskets

Magnetic Separators Magnet Safety

Curve Type Magnetic Separator

Magnetic Pulley Separator

Magnetic Coolant Separator

Stainless Steel 304 Neodymium Magnetic Separator Grid

Separator Bar Neodymium Magnets

Magnetic Pulleys & Magnetic Separator Conveyors

Magnetic Rods for Separation

How are magnetic separators used in the industrial food production?

Ferrite Pot Magnet with Metal Rod

Rod Neodymium Magnets for Magnetic Bead Separation Rack