Industrial magnets are high-strength magnets that have certain characteristics that make them ideal for applications in the industrial industry. In general, a wide spectrum of industries are increasingly using high-strength magnets to do all kinds of work, from physical metal lifting and separating to motor activation and Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI).

Different applications require different types of industrial magnets. Industrial magnets can be broken up into two main categories: non-permanent and permanent. Non-permanent magnets are electromagnets which require an outside electric current to be magnetized or demagnetized. Permanent magnets include ceramic magnets (also known as ferrite magnets), alnico magnets and rare earth magnets.

Industrial Magnets

Industrial Magnets

Ceramic magnets have lower magnetic power and are more brittle and easily breakable than some other magnets, but they are cost-effective and retain magnetism under corrosion and vibration. Rare earth magnets are less cost-effective to manufacture but are far more powerful and retain their magnetism better than ferrite magnets.

Neodymium magnets are the strongest and most commonly used industrial rare earth magnet; sheet magnets are made from a flexible ferrite-plastic composite which is extruded into sheets and used in automotive and consumer industries.

There are many different types of magnetic materials that industrial magnets can be fabricated from. The most important properties magnet manufacturers consider during fabrication are porosity; ease of fabrication; magnetic retention (or magnetic permanence) under heat, corrosion and vibration; magnetic strength; and cost.

Industrial Magnets

Types of permanent magnets are made from different composites and therefore have very different properties and applications. For instance, ceramic and alnico magnets are most often used for physical lifting and separating. Magnetic tools which do this kind of work often contain multiple magnets in specific configurations called magnetic assemblies.

Lifting, holding and separating magnetic assemblies are used in metal fabricating, construction, engineering, automotive, electronic, water treatment and agricultural industries among others. Arc-shaped ceramic magnets are often used in motors, and most stereo speakers use ceramic magnet discs.

Rare earth magnets and magnet assemblies have much stronger magnetic fields than ceramic or alnico magnets and are used in sensitive electric motor, computer hard drive, TV monitor, sensor and medical applications. Electromagnets are used by automotive, medical, metal fabrication and aerospace industries in applications such as solenoid valves, AC and DC motors, biomagnetic separation, beam control, transformers and car crushing.

Ultra-Thin Electromagnet

Ultra-Thin Electromagnet MK-P80/10 24V

Ultra-Thin Electromagnet MK-P80/10 24V, Rare Earth Neodymium Permanent Electromagnet, Industrial Round Electric Magnet, Powerful and Compact Thin Circular lifting Electric Magnet Ultra-thin Electromagnet Feature: Part No.: MK-P80/10-24V Input Voltage:24V DC Holding Force: 30KG Diameter: 80 mm Height: 10 mm Powerful and compact Smooth and flat surface Low power consumption and reliable Applications: Assembly line, sorting […]


Ultra-thin DC Electromagnet

Ultra-thin DC Electromagnet Manufacturer MK-P80/10

Ultra-thin DC Electromagnet Manufacturer MK-P80/10, Neodymium Holding Solenoid Electromagnet, Round Powerful Permanent Electromagnet, Rare Earth Industrial Electric Magnet, Thin Circular Electric lifting Magnet Cups Ultra-thin DC Electromagnet Manufacturer Feature: Part No.: MK-P80/10 Input Voltage:12V DC Holding Force: 30KG Diameter: 80 mm Height: 10 mm Powerful and compact Smooth and flat surface Low power consumption and […]


Solenoid Electromagnet

Neodymium Holding Solenoid Electromagnet MK-P34/18

Neodymium Holding Solenoid Electromagnet MK-P34/18, Round Powerful Permanent Electromagnet, Lifting Solenoid Sucker Electromagnet, Rare Earth Industrial Magnets, Holding Electric Magnet Neodymium Holding Solenoid Electromagnet  Feature: Part No.: MKP34/18 Input Voltage:24V DC Current: 0.25A Power Consumption: 6W Holding Force: 18kg/29.7lbs Weight:85g Diameter: 34 mm Center Diameter: 16mm Height: 18 mm Lead Length: 250 mm Thread Size: […]


Mini Electromagnet

Round Powerful Mini Electromagnet MK-P10/10

Round Powerful Mini Electromagnet MK-P10/10, Permanent Electromagnet, Miniature Holding Electric Magnet Lifting 0.3KG/3N Solenoid Sucker Electromagnet DC 6V 12V 24V, Mini DC Holding Electromagnet Round Powerful Mini Electromagnet Feature: Part No.: MK-P10/10 Diameter: 10 mm Height: 10 mm Lead Length: 300 mm Power Consumption: 2W Holding Force: 0.3kg/3N Material: Metal Color: Silvery Powerful and compact […]