In Microwaves, What Kind Of Microwave Magnets Are There

Your old microwave includes some electronics worth saving, but the true prize is the magnetron’s two rather powerful ring microwave magnets. It takes some effort to obtain them, but it is well worth the effort. The microwave magnets are quite brittle, so don’t try to force them out. These magnets are not coated and are easily broken.

Two large spherical ceramic magnets are found within every microwave stove’s magnetron, which is the vacuum tube made of copper that produces the actual microwave which heats your food. The cooking compartment beneath its control panel is cooled by aluminum cooling fins, which are attached to an open-framed gadget.

Even the smallest microwaves contain two 2-inch diameter 3/8 ceramic microwave magnets, which produce the magnetic field to rotate the waves, guiding them in some kind of tuned cavities, and out of the antenna of the tube, down a waveguide, and then into the stove. At least, that’s how we would describe the process in the most straightforward way.

We’ve met many skilled people with many years of experience in fixing a bunch of microwaves, and anytime they scrapped a magnetron, they always saved the two magnets that came with it, and they’re a great thing to have on hand.

We utilize them for a variety of tasks around here, including swiftly securing tarps over outside machinery, putting paperwork on some steel refrigerators and notice boards, magnetizing screwdrivers, hanging up equipment, and many more.

Therefore, the next moment you find any trashed microwave, and before you throw one away, open up and take out the magnets. We’ll go into how to remove them in more detail below (you can also find YouTube videos, and so on this topic), but they’re simple to remove as well as the procedure is safe and quick.

A few pointers on how to deal with them: They’re not as strong as neodymium magnets, but they’re powerful enough to pinch your finger if one gets caught between them. They’re also quite brittle because they are ceramic, so hitting or dropping them with a heavy object may break or damage them.

In Microwaves, What Kind Of Microwave Magnets Are There

In Microwaves, What Kind Of Microwave Magnets Are There

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