If A Magnet is Constantly Doing Work, Will The Magnetism Be Weakened?

This is an interesting misunderstanding. Magnets do not do work by consuming their own magnetism. Although the relationship between magnets and other magnetic substances seems magical, in fact, magnetic fields and springs are similar to a certain extent, so magnetism or magnetic fields are just accumulation and accumulation. A channel for releasing energy. When a piece of matter is put into a magnetic field, its energy is provided by the force it puts in, not by the magnetic field.

A spring stores energy when compressed, but releases an equal amount of energy when released

Above: A spring stores energy when compressed, but releases an equal amount of energy when released. This situation can also be simulated by magnets, whose essence is the storage and release of energy in the potential field.

The source of magnetism

The essence of the magnetism of a magnet is the consistency of the direction of the magnetic field poles of the microscopic units (such as atoms or crystal units—magnetic domains) inside the magnet. lost. The paramagnetic nature of these small fields is a microstructural state left over from a magnetization event that doesn’t store much energy. Even some compounds can form natural magnetism when they form crystals, such as ferric oxide crystals.

Above: The uniformity of the magnetic field orientation of the magnetic domains determines the magnetic field properties of the magnet.

Therefore, magnetism is an intrinsic property of an object, which is not lost due to work done. The magnetic loss of a magnet is caused by the disorder of the magnetic field conformation of the microscopic magnetic domains inside the magnet. The electromagnetic field needs a current to maintain the magnetic field. As long as the magnetic field does not output energy outward, the electric energy will not be consumed (only consumed on the resistance of the coil).

Does work on a magnet consume its magnetism?

A magnet does not perform work without energy input.

For a common pair of magnets that repel each other, an external force must be used to push one of the magnets in the direction against the repulsion to do work, so that the other magnet can obtain greater magnetic field potential energy and be pushed to do work.

Above: In fact, the wrench is artificially pre-placed at a certain distance from the magnet. This process provides the wrench with magnetic field potential energy. The attraction of the wrench by the magnet used to be the release of this potential energy. Magnetism be Weakened
For an ordinary pair of magnets that attract each other, an external force must first separate the magnets by a certain distance to obtain magnetic field potential energy, and then release it to do work to make the two magnets move and attract together.

The motor uses the input of the potential energy of the continuous geomagnetic field to provide the output of kinetic energy, but the energy flowing through the magnetic field is consumed in this process rather than the magnetic field itself. Magnetism be Weakened


Magnets are wonderful, but magnets don’t become unattractive just because they do or don’t do work.

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