Humid Environment Magnet Coatings

In high humidity atmospheric conditions, standard nickel-coated Neodymium magnets will eventually succumb to corrosion and over time will stop performing at an acceptable level. Ferrite or Samarium Cobalt magnets may be viable alternatives. Ferrites and Samarium Cobalt magnets have excellent resistance to corrosion and will largely remain unaffected by moisture and humidity.

Humid Environment Magnet Coatings

Humid Environment Magnet Coatings

In some applications, a larger size Ferrite or Samarium Cobalt magnet may need to be applied to compensate for its relatively weak holding power. In other situations, where using a larger Ferrite magnet is not possible because of space restrictions, a highly a Neodymium magnet with a protective coating may prove to be a suitable alternative. HSMAG also supplies Neodymium magnets with Teflon, Gold, Epoxy and Plastic coatings that are generally humidity and moisture proof. It should be noted that additional coatings of any kind have a negative impact the strength of a magnet because of the gap they create between the two bonding surfaces. Samarium magnets are a type of magnet that is highly suited to high humidity and high temperature environments. Harsh environments with high-humidity conditions may arise due to latitudinal location or because of more localised influences such as seaside locations, proximity to sea breezes or constant exposure to weather. Choosing the right magnet and coating of Ferrite magnets, Samarium magnets or coated Neodymium magnets can overcome these conditions and reliably perform to a high standard.

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