HSMAG Teach You How to Identify Four-pole Bonded NdFeB

Bonding NdFeB manufacturer HSMAG teach you how to identify four-pole bonded NdFeB

First, let’s introduce the introduction of bonded NdFeB magnets.

The third generation rare earth material NdFeB can be divided into a sintering process and a bonding process in terms of production process, and it is difficult to accurately size the sintered NdFeB magnet. Nowadays, customers are in the production, the products are required to be smaller and smaller in size, high in precision, and the shape is also required. Various shapes have appeared. However, the bonding of NdFeB technology can solve this problem. It has the advantage of being able to process a variety of various shapes and is widely used in various industries. As in today’s small power motors, bonding is almost always used. NdFeB permanent magnets are used as magnetic matching devices.

HSMAG Teach You How to Identify Four-pole Bonded NdFeB

HSMAG Teach You How to Identify Four-pole Bonded NdFeB

Bonded NdFeB permanent magnet materials are now widely used and welcomed in various industries and fields. The manufacturing process is of vital importance. The bonding of NdFeB manufacturers can achieve higher levels of performance for magnets. Experts have continuously developed and improved the bonding process and achieved very good results. From the manufacturing process of bonded NdFeB, it is divided into two general stages: milling and bonding. The magnetic powder manufacturing method of bonding NdFeB can be divided into rapid quenching, gas atomization, mechanical alloying and the like. The bonding mainly consists of the NdFeB permanent magnet powder and the binder, that is, the special glue for the magnet, and the other additives are mixed in proportion, and then pressed, extruded, calendered, injection molded, etc., and formed according to the shape specified by the customer. However, please note that different methods have different effects on the bonding process.

Bonded NdFeB manufacturers believe that the CSNS/RCS four-pole bonded NdFeB prototype is complex in structure and very difficult in process. The problems of vibration and eddy current of the core and coil are difficult technical challenges. The first research and development system. Through the design and magnet companies, the magnet expert group has solved many key and important magnet technology problems, and the structural technology has reached the domestic leading level. The CSNS/RCS quadrupole magnet magnetic field measurement system is the first device in the domestic accelerator field to realize the magnetic field measurement of AC and DC quadrupole magnets. The virtual technology, digital anti-attack technology, AC and DC magnetic field measurement technology and the unique manufacturing process of measuring coils used in the magnetic measurement system are in a leading position in China.

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