HSMAG New Design For Magnetic Plating Tank, Industrial Magnetic Assemblies, We supply Magnetic Solution for client’s product.

Magnetic Plating Tank – HSMAG’s one customer needed 2000Gs in a specific area that had a length of 300mm, a width of 240mm and a height of 320mm. Using our calculations and experience, we designed this magnetic assembly for our customer. At the same time, we had to come up with a way to set up this system.



Plate Size: L 300mm, W 240mm, H 320mm

Magent Grade: N50

Magnet size: L 300mm, H 76.2mm

They only needed a single set, meaning that magnetizing after assembly was not a cost-effective solution. We had to magnetize our magnets and glue these one by one. The most difficult and dangerous aspect was the strong magnetic force we were dealing with. If we failed to consider certain characteristics during assembly or made a mistake, these strong magnetic forces could seriously hurt our staff members.

Our team made a flow chart, carefully considered every step of the process, and designed manufacturing aids for the production process. Although the customer was satisfied with our work, this project was canceled because of other reasons.