HSMAG Custom Magnets – Different Shape, Different Size, Different Grades, Different Coatings, etc.
We can produce custom magnet shapes and sizes.
We can produce custom magnetic assemblies.
We can produce magnets to different grades and temperature ratings.
We can produce made-to-order bespoke magnets to customer requirements.
We can produce magnets with different coatings.
We can produce magnets with different dimensional tolerances.
We can produce and supply NdFeB, SmCo, Alnico, Ferrite, Compression Bonded, Injection Molded, Plastic, Flexible and FeCrCo magnets.
We also produce and supply Electromagnets, Electro-permanent magnets, Solenoids, Soft Ferrites and Powdered Irons

HSMAG Custom Magnets

HSMAG Custom Magnets

We do this by quotation, working with the customer to ensure they have the best product for their application with full technical support including 3D FEA magnetic analysis where applicable.
Custom magnets = Bespoke Magnets = Made to Measure Magnets = Made to Order Magnets = Customer Design Magnets = Non-Standard Magnets = Special Magnets.
Although we stock a wide range of magnets, magnetic materials and magnetic assemblies, we understand that we do not always have exactly what you would require.

However, because Hangseng Magnetics is a permanent magnet and permanent magnet assembly manufacturer and supplier, we can produce special shapes, sizes, grades and finishes for all the magnet materials and magnetic assemblies.

Hangseng Magnetics has ISO9001 and Hangseng Magnetics also has a factory in China for magnet and magnetic assemby production with ISO9001, ISO14001 and TS16949.

Small production runs or continual high volume call offs are all possible. Sample magnets are the same quality as mass production magnets.

If you see the right size of magnet but in the wrong grade or finish, we can supply the magnet to your requirements. If you have a drawing or details of what you require, simply contact us. If you require prices or datasheets for the magnet grades available, please contact us.

The example shapes shown on the right give a brief idea of what is ideally required as a minimum specification – the shape and dimensions of the magnet, any tolerances required for the magnet dimensions, the Direction of Magnetisation (DoM), the magnet material and grade and finally we would need to know the quantity or quantities. A drawing may not be necessary at all times – the mmA indication tells us the Axis in which the magnet is magnetised. Instead of using mmA or inchA (inches version rather than mm), it is also acceptable to use (A) after the dimesnion aligned with the DoM. If any details are unknown or unclear we would work with the customer to clarify the specification. Sometimes the Direction of Magnetisation (DoM) is shown by an arrow which points to the North Pole of the magnet. Please note that we follow the Magnetics Industry convention on magnetic poles (which is the correct scientific definition) – the North Pole of a magnet would point to the geographic North Pole of planet Earth (meaning planet Earth’s geographic North Pole is actually a Magnetic South Pole due to the convention of unlike poles attracting). The Magnetics Industry uses this definition when magnetising magnets.

If you would like a quotation or would like to know if we could supply you with a magnet or magnetic assembly, please contact us.

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