HSMAG Custom Magnetic Products Manufacturing

Qualification And Expertise

In the past decade our product group has grown from zero to current one that consists of hundreds of products categorized in various series according to their shapes and applications. In this process we have gained accumulation on our technical people, necessary equipment, devices, complete supply chain as well as strong sense of standard, control, optimization. More importantly, years’work on magnetic assemblies gives us good opportunity to grasp core principles of magnetics and related details that could have impact on final product’s performance. Armed with all above we have been doing quite well in customized magnetic products.

We are particularly good at products combining metal parts and magnets, rubber and magnets, plastic and magnets. We mainly use neodymium magnet and ceramic/ferrite magnet

HSMAG Custom Magnetic Products Manufacturing

HSMAG Custom Magnetic Products Manufacturing

General Process

Understand customer’s requirement
Collect all information relating to product itself as well as its application
Define the product and come up with different options if possible
Discuss with customer over each option to narrow down the scope
Sample making
Test and improvement

Customer’s Input

It takes a lot of work, efforts to successfully finish a new product from scratch. A well-organized team work can bring more efficiency, ease to this process.

The beginning stage is always featured by conflicts, ties in communication because it takes time to learn how to think from perspective of a different professional field so that both parties are in the same page. We have been asked so many times by customers ‘what information do you need’ and, summarized from practical experiences, it would be better if could receive following categorized information:

Introduction about how this product is to be used, on what application, at what working condition (temperature, humidity, etc).

Size, shape, components of the product in details. For such information, technical drawings, pictures always make much clearer communication than verbal description.

Information about how this product is to be tested and what criteria should be met for a qualified product.

This is considered to be the most critical information for a new product where other related information that is not mentioned above should also be provided to let us have a better, more complete view. HSMAG Custom Magnetic Products Manufacturing


Rubber Coat NdFeB Magnetic System with Handle or Grip

Rubber Coat NdFeB Magnetic System with Handle or Grip / with cylindrical grip, Grip Magnets, Rubber Basement Pot Magnet with Handle, magnetic sign gripper, Posting Magnets, Neodymium Holding Magnet with Handle NdFeB Magnetic System – The strong neodymium magnet is applied with high quality rubber coating, which ensures a safe contact surface when you apply the magnetic […]HSMAG Custom Magnetic Products Manufacturing



NdFeB Magnet System Internal Thread and Rubber Coat

NdFeB Magnet System with Internal Thread and Rubber Coat, Rubber Covered Neodymium Internal Thread Magnet, Rubber Covered Magnet Systems with Internal Thread (Female Thread), Magnetic Cup Assemblies NdFeB Magnet System Application: There are many applications for NdFeb Pot Magnets, mainly in applications where a strong clamping force is required. Applications include Point of Sale, window dressing, […]HSMAG Custom Magnetic Products Manufacturing



Rubber Coated Neodymium Magnetic Systems with Hole / Cylinder Bore

Rubber Coated Neodymium Magnetic Systems with Hole / Cylinder Bore, Rubber Coated Magnet Assembly NdFeB with hole/bore, Rubber Coated Magnet Cup Assemblies, Magnetic Holding Base with Hole, Pot magnets with Cylinder Bore and rubber coat Neodymium Magnetic Systems – These systems are used especially on delicate surfaces. Due to the rubber coating occurs neither scratches nor […]