How to remove impurities in NdFeB permanent magnet materials in finished products?

The processing of NdFeB magnets is basically carried out under vacuum conditions, and impurities are not easily mixed. Since the chemical properties of NdFeB permanent magnet materials are relatively active, impurities are incorporated into the oxidation of the metal. Therefore, the finished product needs to be electroplated and coated.

How to remove impurities in NdFeB permanent magnet materials

How to remove impurities in NdFeB permanent magnet materials

However, the quality of electroplating coating has a close relationship with its pretreatment. This processing technology generally has processes such as degreasing, rust removal and activation. In this pre-treatment process, if one of the processes is not cleaned, it may cause problems such as foaming and peeling of the plating layer. If such defective NdFeB magnet parts are mounted on the equipment, it is likely to cause the entire machine to malfunction.

The forged metal material is more precise than the NdFeB permanent magnet material, and the NdFeB permanent magnet material is a microporous material, and its porosity brings many difficulties and time consuming to the pre-plating treatment. In addition to removing alkali, acid, and dirt from the surface of the workpiece, consider how to remove dirt from the pores.

For low-grade permanent magnet materials that are generally less demanding, the previous pre-treatment processes are: alkaline degreasing-washing-pickling-washing-surface activation-plating. This kind of process is relatively simple, but it has higher requirements for degreasing agent, and it needs special degreasing agent for NdFeB. The formula of this degreasing and degreasing agent is complicated, and there are many kinds of raw materials required, and the user preparation process is very troublesome. . Since the emergence of high-power ultrasonic cleaners in industrial production, these problems have been solved one by one. The unique cavitation effect of ultrasonic cleaning can make the alkaline and acidic substances remaining in the micropores of the permanent magnet material better removed!

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