How to Hang a Knife Magnet on a Wall

Magnetic knife holders are a great way of saving up on kitchen space while adding appealing aesthetics to your kitchen, which it deserves. Not only are they convenient, but also easy to use, and choose your required knife when you need it.

These magnetic knife holders are easy to install as well. However, this instructional guide is just for you if you are still having trouble figuring out how to hang a knife on a wall using magnetic knife strips.

How to hang a knife on a wall:

Find a suitable area for hanging your kitchen knives.
Buy a magnetic knife holder that will allow you to hang all your knives.
Mark the spots for hanging the magnetic holder.
Install the knife holder with mounting strips and screws.
Hang the knives on the magnetic strip with the blades pointing upwards.

How to Hang a Knife Magnet on a Wall

How to Hang a Knife Magnet on a Wall

Table of contents
Why do you need a magnetic knife holder?
Choose the right place to hang your knives
Above the stove
Top of the sink
Inside the cabinet door
On the cabinet sides
On the window frame
Under the cabinets
Factors you need to consider when choosing the right place
How to mount a magnetic knife holder
Pick a suitable spot
Mark the spot
Prepare for installation
Hang your knives
Comparison to other storing methods
In-drawer knife organizer vs. magnetic knife strip
Countertop storage vs. magnetic knife holder
How many knives can magnetic knife strips hold?
How can I remove a knife from the magnetic holder?
Which magnet is best for securely fastening knives on the wall?

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