How to Find a Reliable China’s Magnet Manufacturer

High-performance neodymium permanent magnet material made of rare earth materials, with high remanence, high coercivity and high magnetic energy product. It is widely used in automobiles, new energy vehicles, wind power, and energy saving Many industrial fields such as elevators and air conditioners. If you want to find a leading magnet manufacturer in China, how do you find them? How to identify?

How to find a reliable China’s magnet manufacturer and supplier?

For companies and individuals who need to buy magnets, it is very important to choose a good magnet factory and supplier. If you choose the right one, you can not only achieve long-term cooperation but also get better price concessions. If you make a wrong choice, you may not be able to receive the magnet products you ordered on time, and the magnet supplier is unqualified, then the magnet products you may receive are inferior and unqualified products. Then it is a loss for yourself or the customers who buy the magnet products that you said wholesale, and may lose trust and credibility. So it is very important to choose a qualified magnet factory . And in the process of communication, you can deeply feel the professional degree and enthusiasm of the other party, which is a very important reference factor.

How to Find a Reliable China's Magnet Manufacturer

How to Find a Reliable China’s Magnet Manufacturer

In China, the magnet manufacturing industry is very developed. China is the world’s largest producer and exporter of rare earth permanent magnets. Ninety percent of magnets in the world are from China. China is a leader in sintered magnets and the largest producer of NdFeB. So far, China is the leader in all magnetic materials. China has mined more than 55% of the world’s rare earth ore required for most magnets. So in the face of many magnet manufacturers, how do we choose the most competitive products and reliable magnet manufacturers?

Should I choose a manufacturer or a exporter?

Choosing a factory or a exporter company depends mainly on three aspects.

Price: Sometimes, the factory’s quotation is more competitive. The advantage of a foreign trade company is that it can accumulate a batch of orders and place them to a factory at a time, thereby obtaining a lower price. They then split the goods and distribute them to various customers. However, the need to be wary of extremely low prices may be a trap. Although price is a very important factor, quality and quality control are also very important. Therefore, for large-volume purchases, we recommend to seek a free sample from the manufacturer, which will generally be provided.

Quality: The factory can control the product quality in the first time. And foreign trade companies can thoroughly implement a more stringent product control system to ensure product quality reaches world-class standards.

Communication skills: In this regard, most factories are at a disadvantage. Factories generally do not have professional foreign trade personnel, or do not understand the behavioral habits and cultural background of buyers. Foreign trade companies have accumulated a wealth of experience. Their understanding and foreign trade process operation capabilities are better than those of factories, and their contacts with other companies are also Will be closer.

Therefore, under normal circumstances, we believe that choosing a manufacturer has a more price advantage. Choose a foreign trade company to have a better service experience.

Where to find a magnet supplier?
China’s magnets are widely distributed, with many large and small enterprises. Rare earth resources are abundant in Zhejiang, Shandong, Jiangxi and other provinces. Only Hengdian in Zhejiang Province is known as the “capital of magnets”; Ningbo, Zhejiang is known as the “hometown of magnets”. The magnet production here and the development of production technology have been precipitated for many years. China’s Magnet Manufacturer

Should I choose a large manufacturer or a small manufacturer?
Small suppliers may be more creative, deliver quantity, and process more flexible. If you need personalized customization, it may do it for you, but the system process may not be sound. Large factories ship in large quantities and will not change because of your small order, and customize products for you. All processes are fixed, and large companies usually have relatively complete system processes. When a product encounters a problem, they can usually only deal with the problem in a regular manner, and it may not be as flexible as a small factory in handling the problem. Each has its own advantages, choose according to your own needs. China’s Magnet Manufacturer

How to find them?
In general, most magnet manufacturers and suppliers will have their own websites, at least one Chinese website and one English website. And many also have their own stores in Amazon, Alibaba, eBay, etc. Different platforms have different minimum purchase quantities, which can be selected according to their own needs. If they have their own stores on different platforms at the same time, and if they also operate social media, this is also a good sign that this company is more serious about foreign trade operations and probably not is a very small team. And you can communicate with them directly and efficiently to understand their products and services.

To find them, you can search for the keywords of the magnet you need in the search box in the Google browser or B2B platform, and filter the results that appear.

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