How to Confirm a Good Magnet Supplier manufacturer?

Emailing or calling them is a key factor. A China’s magnet factory or trader may not be able to fully display their content on the website. We need to communicate our needs to determine whether this is what I am looking for China’s magnet factory. And in the process of communication, you can deeply feel the professional degree and enthusiasm of the other party, which is a very important reference factor.

If you value service and cooperate with companies or manufacturers with export experience, this can save buyers the time and energy of communicating with suppliers in product design, export procedures, and so on. Then you can feel the general situation of the company in the process of communication.How to Confirm a Good Magnet Supplier manufacturer

If you value the MOQ, many factories have set a very high MOQ, but there are also some factories that support small batch orders. This requires communication to determine whether it can be shipped in small batches.

Payment method and delivery time process are also very important, we need to confirm clearly with the manufacturer.

How to Confirm a Good Magnet Supplier

How to Confirm a Good Magnet Supplier

Ask them is it possible can visit the factory. As many manufacturers may not manufacture products in a safe and healthy environment, if you are welcome to visit the factory, then he must have the manufacturing strength and confidence from time to time. And in the continuous communication, you can feel the attitude of their salespersons. If the attitude is perfunctory, then the follow-up after-sales service is also difficult to guarantee. Field visits are of course the most direct way. However, considering the impact of the COVID-19, we can pass online verification as much as possible.

How to verify?

First, check the relevant content of the China’s magnet manufacturer website you are looking for. In addition to the product range and professionalism, the company-related content is also very important, whether you have a qualification certificate, whether you have participated in any large-scale exhibition, whether there is a display of the manufacturing environment and process Pictures, videos, etc. These are all important factors that can prove the identity of a reliable manufacturer. How to Confirm a Good Magnet Supplier manufacturer

Then you can view the age of the website domain name of the China’s magnet factory website you are looking for. The longer it exists, the more trustworthy it is and the higher the reputation in the hearts of consumers. A website usually does not have only one website domain name. At the same time, go to Amazon, Alibaba, eBay and other platforms to check their related certification certificates. If there are a large number of customers leaving messages, this is also a very good reference. If a magnet manufacturer of poor quality will not have sales on multiple platforms and will exist for a long time. Therefore, choosing a company with a longer company history is more reliable, and its service team is also more complete. Product quality can be more guaranteed. Of course, you can search for relevant certificates and business licenses from the manufacturer’s website, and check and verify on authoritative websites such as the China National Enterprise Credit Information Corporation system.

Check whether they have relatively well-known cooperative companies. If it shows that their products and services are recognized by these companies, then this type of manufacturer is worthy of recognition.

Confirm purchase process

After confirming whether the manufacturer is trustworthy, we will carry out the follow-up purchase process for the products that need to be wholesaled.

Obtain product quotations based on trade terms (FOB, CIF, DDP, etc.). Choose the best supplier through price, samples, communication and service.

EXW quotation, the supplier will quote you the original product price under this clause. They do not bear any transportation costs. The buyer arranges to pick up the goods from the supplier’s warehouse. Therefore, if you do not have your own freight forwarder or you are a novice, this is not recommended. How to Confirm a Good Magnet Supplier manufacturer

In addition to the product price, FOB quotation also includes the transportation cost of transporting the goods to the ship at your designated seaport or airport. After that, the supplier does not need to bear all the risks of the goods.

CIF quotation, the supplier is responsible for shipping the goods to the port in your country, and then you need to arrange for the goods to be shipped from the port to your address. Insurance will only come into play when the entire cargo is lost. In other words, CIF quotation = original product cost + transportation cost from the supplier’s warehouse to the port in your country/region + insurance + export handling fee.

Then confirm the content of the payment terms: confirm Proforma Invoice, non-disclosure agreement, delivery time and delivery time, and solutions for defective products.

Confirm payment terms and methods: the most important item in payment. The correct payment terms can help you maintain a continuous cash flow. The best transportation solution can be selected according to time and cost preferences.

4 common payment methods
wire transfer
Western Union
Letter of Credit (Letter of Credit)

4 Common payment terms

30% deposit, 70% of the balance before export.
30% of the deposit and 70% of the balance to cover the landing fee.
There is no deposit, which can cover the entire balance of the landing bill.
O/A payment.

Confirm shipping method
After the production is completed, the next important step is how to ship the product to you from China. There are

6 common ones:

Courier, ocean freight, air freight, rail freight with full cargo, sea/air freight plus e-commerce express
Consignment economic transportation (less than 2 kg)

The last important step is customs clearance. You should know what documents or certificates are required for this process. Usually, the supplier will help you solve the problem. In addition to the certificate, you also need to pay customs duties. However, the standards vary by country or product.

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