How Much is the Magnetic Force Field of Ferrite Magnet? How to Calculate?

Find Chinese magnet manufacturers to buy neodymium magnets or ferrite magnets, welcome to contact us, all magnets are environmentally friendly, non-toxic, and can be customized. Today, I will introduce the magnetic field strength of ferrite and the calculation of ferrite magnetic field strength that everyone is concerned about.

How strong is the magnetic field of a ferrite permanent magnet?

The highest surface magnetism of ferrite magnets reaches a peak value of about 1700gs. Due to the material relationship, it will not exceed 2000. Usually, the ferrite magnets purchased by customers are mostly around 1000-1200gs. Of course, this measurement result is related to the size of the magnet, as well as the measuring instrument Gauss meter.

Magnetic Force Field of Ferrite Magnet

Magnetic Force Field of Ferrite Magnet

How to calculate the magnetic field strength of ferrite? What is the formula?

There is no formula to calculate the magnetic field strength of ferrite. If possible, you can buy a magnetic field strength measuring instrument. The common one is a Gauss meter. Scientists and engineers usually refer to the tensile force or the magnetic field strength when determining the strength of the magnet. Pull force is the force required to pull a magnet away from a steel object or another magnet. Manufacturers quote this force in pounds to express it as weight or Newtons for magnetic strength. For magnets that differ in size or magnetism on their own material, use the magnet’s pole surface for magnetic strength measurements. Magnetic strength measurements are made on the material to be measured by maintaining a greater distance from other magnetic objects. Also, for household appliances (for magnets), only gauss meters should be used to measure magnetic fields with alternating current (AC) frequencies less than or equal to 60 Hz.

The above has introduced the magnetic field strength of ferrite and how to calculate the strength of ferrite. Our company is a ferrite manufacturer and can provide you with circular/ring/block/hole-shaped and special-shaped ferrite magnets. Parents who may use it are welcome to pay attention and collect the website.

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