How do Permanent Motor Magnets Avoid Damage?

How do permanent motor magnets avoid damage? This is a problem that many motor manufacturers pay more attention to. The brief introduction is below:

The assembling method of high-speed permanent magnet synchronous motor magnet includes the following steps: fixing the magnet hoop to the yoke of the rotor axis through the weft-free belt, the magnet is arranged on the yoke axially in circles one by one, and a plurality of wedges are evenly arranged in each circle of magnet to locate the magnet; heating and baking the weft-free belt to solidify and bake it. The baking temperature should not exceed 150 C. The pressing plates are installed on the outer side of the first and last coils respectively. The permanent magnet hoop is arranged on the yoke by the weft-free belt, and the connection between the magnetic steel and permanent magnet is strengthened by curing the weft-free belt, so that the magnetic steel will not loose or even fall off due to the interaction of magnetic force, thus avoiding the problems of affecting the performance of the motor and damaging the motor.

Permanent Motor Magnets

Permanent Motor Magnets

Aiming at the torque ripple of fractional slot permanent magnet synchronous motor, a design method of segmented oblique pole angle of magnetic steel is proposed. Firstly, the slot number per pole and the pole logarithm are used to calculate the slot number per phase. According to the traditional method, the slot torque number, the slot torque number and the slot number per pole are calculated to get the frequency of the torque fluctuation, and then the periodic angle of the torque fluctuation is obtained. Then, the inclined pole angle of each segment is determined according to the number of segments of magnets. It can effectively reduce the torque ripple of PMSM, and the formula is simple. The method can determine the sectional oblique pole angle only according to the number of slots and the number of poles.

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