How can it be regarded as a valuable strong magnet, and how to distinguish

Now many people know that strong magnet is more valuable, but they are not very clear about what kind of strong magnet is, because there are many kinds of magnets, and some people ask whether it is strong magnet if the color is whitish. It is indeed similar to strong magnets, but white magnets are not strong magnets, and there are some black magnets, etc. Let’s see how they can be regarded as valuable magnets.

There are both strong magnets and ordinary magnets in this pile. First of all, it is best to distinguish black magnets. Its color is black and its magnetism is not very high. Basically, this kind of magnets are not very valuable. Of course, the quantity can also be used. It’s just too little to sell some money, so friends basically throw it away when they encounter this kind of thing.

How can it be regarded as a valuable strong magnet

How can it be regarded as a valuable strong magnet

The other is white magnets. This kind of magnet is white and brighter. It is easy to see. White magnets are usually found on electric meters. The value of this kind is not bad, and the better ones can be sold for more than ten yuan. For example, the cylindrical one can generally be sold for about six or seven yuan, which is not bad.

The value of strong magnets is more expensive. The cheap ones cost more than 100 kilograms, and the good ones can be sold for an extra kilogram on both sides. If you receive waste products with strong magnets, it is very valuable to dismantle them.

In the rear wheel of the electric car, you can remove the short, connected strong magnets, and the strong magnets on the mahjong machine. The prices of these two are similar. There are also many speakers with strong magnets on the stereo, which will be cheaper. Dozens of yuan, but the price is at least more than one hundred, and the price in the magnetic separator is about ten yuan cheaper than the strong magnet of the electric car, so you need to know where the source of the strong magnet comes from, so you can know them better How much is it worth.

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