High-quality development of magnetic material industry

“2022 China Magnetic Material Market Status Survey and Future Development Prospect Trend Report” believes that my country’s magnetic material industry is in the process of “from big to strong” development, but as an emerging developing country, due to fierce competition in the magnetic material industry , the development of my country’s magnetic material industry and enterprises is facing many fluctuations and uncertainties. Ma Jinlong, chief analyst of Zheshang Securities, believed at the 2022 (first) high-end new magnetic material development forum held recently that magnetic materials are the core materials of the future era of electrification. From the current point of view, it is the low-carbon economy that detonates the development of new energy vehicles around the world and the explosive growth of small and lightweight vehicles, which drives the long-term demand for magnetic materials.

As science and technology and environmental protection continue to penetrate into social production and life, my country’s high-end material core technologies in the fields of information technology, energy technology, and transportation technology have entered a critical period of breakthroughs. Gan Yong, director of the National New Material Industry Development Expert Advisory Committee, former vice president of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, and academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, pointed out that without the core technology of materials, it is equivalent to building a house on the foundation of other people’s homes, no matter how big it is, it is “vulnerable.” Previously, with the explosive growth of my country’s economy, materials were bought as long as they were available, and insufficient attention was paid to the originality, basicity, and support of materials.

High-quality development of magnetic material industry

High-quality development of magnetic material industry

Facing the demand for high-quality development, the industrialization of high-level materials in my country needs to be further developed, and the technical barriers to high-end materials are becoming increasingly apparent. Gan Yong believes that at present, new materials have become the hardest hit area in my country’s “short board” of materials, posing a major risk to industrial safety and key areas, and a breakthrough in “stuck neck” materials is imminent. What is certain is that as a strategic new material, my country’s magnetic materials must keep up with the times and continue to develop towards high-end. If they do not “catch up”, they will lose the market.

my country is not yet a strong country in the manufacture of magnetic materials
With the rapid update and development of information technology, how the magnetic material market adapts to the development of the new application market has become the most concerned topic of industry enterprises. At present, my country’s magnetic material industry has leaped from an insignificant industry to the forefront of the world by virtue of its abundant resources, labor advantages, and huge domestic and foreign market support, showing an obvious trend of scale and geographical concentration. In particular, with the rapid rise of the electronics and electrical industries, my country has become a major country in the R&D, production and consumption of magnetic materials in the world, but it is not yet a powerful country in the manufacture of magnetic materials:

First, there are many, small and scattered enterprises, without comprehensive competitive advantages and core competitiveness.

Second, the degree of automation is low, and the production cost increases significantly.

The third is that the supply chain is unstable, and the bargaining power of upstream and downstream is getting stronger.

Fourth, there are more and more potential competitors, and industry competition is intensifying.

Weng Xingyuan, deputy secretary-general of the Magnetic Materials Branch of China Electronic Materials Industry Association, believes that the market competition in my country’s magnetic materials industry is manifested in the intensification of homogeneous price competition for low-end and mid-end products. Under the continuous “double” pressure of cost reduction requirements, many companies have to squeeze profit margins in order to survive, and continue to “bargain” each other among their peers. Many companies lose their fixed customers in the competition, making survival difficult.

It is worth noting that the outbreak, spread, and prevention and control of the new crown pneumonia epidemic have broken the normal production order of my country’s magnetic material industry, and the entire industry is facing new pressure. Since the second quarter of 2020, with the recovery of my country’s domestic economy and changes in domestic and foreign epidemics, economic and international relations, factors such as my country’s environmental protection and overcapacity at the front end of some related industrial chains, the prices of almost all relevant magnetic material raw materials Along the way, the supply of some varieties is very tight. For example, Yao Lihong, the director of the general manager office of Ningbo HSMAG Industrial Co., Ltd., which specializes in the production and technology development of the latest generation of permanent magnet materials-NdFeB permanent magnets, said last year that Koningda has no worries about orders at all. It is insufficient capacity.

Under the global electrification wave, the supply and demand structure of high-performance magnetic materials is showing a tight trend. Analysts from the Zhongguancun Stainless and Special Alloy New Materials Industry Technology Innovation Alliance analyzed that at present, the concentration of subdivided varieties of magnetic materials in my country is too high, and the bargaining power of the demand side is weak. It is necessary to pay attention to changes in market demand, especially in a short period of time. Changes in demand brought about by the suspension of production in the downstream market.

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