Hanging Your Knife Magnet Out of Sight

If you want your knives out of sight or out of easy reach, then you can get creative. For keeping your knives out of sight, you can mount them inside or underneath one of your kitchen cabinets.

Where to hang knives so they’re out of sight:
Underneath an upper cabinet.
Inside a cabinet door.
Having your knives out of sight and out of reach could be an important safety consideration. For anyone with a young child that loves climbing your kitchen counters, it can become necessary to lock your knives away where they can’t be reached.

Hanging Your Knife Magnet Out of Sight

Hanging Your Knife Magnet Out of Sight

For the rest of us, wanting knives out of sight could just be as simple as just not wanting to look at hanging utensils in your kitchen.

For anyone that wants their knives both out of sight and out of reach, you can hang them inside a cabinet door. With a child lock on the cabinet, you can keep your knives in a secure area while also successfully freeing up room in your utensil drawer.

Don’t be cheap if you opt to put your knife magnet on a door; the swinging door can be a safety risk if your magnet isn’t strong.

If you want your knives out of sight but would prefer them in easier reach, you can store them on the underside of your upper cabinets. In this example, your knives will be suspended horizontally in the space hidden by the front façade of your cabinet.

When you hang your knives like this, you should always be sure to face the blades away from you for safe storage.

Related Questions

Will knives hung on the inside of a cabinet door fall down if I open it too quickly?
It’s very important that your knife magnet is exceptionally strong if you hang your knives inside a cabinet door. If your magnet is strong enough, your knives should stay put. But best practice is to avoid swinging the cabinet door open quickly.

Will a knife magnet damage my knives?
To minimize any damage your blade may sustain, always rotate your knife when pulling it off or reattaching it so that the edge is the first part to come off and last part to attach to your knife magnet. If you want to be extra careful, a wood finish will be more gentle to your blades than a stainless steel face.

What will I need to make my own knife magnet?
To make your own knife magnet, you’ll need a face material that your knives will rest against, the magnets themselves, and an adhesive to connect them together.

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