Halbach Array for Magnetic Water Conditioner

Regularly we see a magnetic water conditioner including two magnets with opposite magnetic poles face-to-face cliped together, just simply clip them together onto the water pipes will get a magnetized water resulting from flowing water cutting the magnetic filed. The advantages are low cost and simple operation but the only disadvantage is weak magnetic field due to attraction by those two magnets. When using this device, we have to pay attention that better clip it to the plastic pipes or stainless steel or copper pipes but not on iron pipes.

Magnetic water conditioner

The magnetic water conditioner with single magnetic pole technology is of higher effecient and bigger room of application. While as we all know it is rather hard to achieve single side magnetism, for all magnets are with two oppisite magnetic poles, so we have to achieve it by some special design and structure. The structure is based on some particular magnetic array to achieve concentration of magnetic force, it will get better penetration in compare with normal two poles magnets. As follows is a Halbach array that will help us to get single side magnetism by concentrating magnetic force on one side. According to actual application, we can range magnets in a line and in a circle.

circle halbach array

circle halbach array

bar halbach array

bar halbach array

For Bar halbach array and circle halbach array we can findout the magnetic field distribution respectively as follows:

magnetic field distribution respectively of halbach array

From the above photos we can findout that if we use circle halbach array, 90% magnetic force can be concentrated inside the circle, this will get better water magnetization. The magnetic water conditioner with this technology has much higher efficient and powerful cleaning ability, especially in agriculture, it has much bigger room than regular magnetic water conditioner.

HSMAG is able to make every kind of Halbach Array in straight line or circle forms, welcome your inquiries to sales.

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