GBD Process NdFeB Magnet – The Way to Deal with Rising Price of Rare Earth

Rare earth prices have gone up again recently. If you want to ask how to deal with rising price of rare earth, GBD process NdFeB magnet is a good solution for high-end neodymium magnets.

NdFeB permanent magnets are made of rare earths. These rare earths are Neodymium, Praseodymium, Dysprosium and Terbium. They are used to achieve the desired magnetic properties. NdFeB rare earth magnets have the highest energies densities because of the outstanding magnetic properties. Due to the tetragonal crystal structure, the Nd2Fe14B compound can create up to the highest magnetic energy product available in the world, even up to 62MGOe in energy density.

GBD Process NdFeB Magnet

GBD Process NdFeB Magnet

Neodymium Magnets Applications

The application fields for NdFeB rare earth magnets range from simple holding solution for daily supplies up to high-end applications for the aerospace industry. China HangSneg Magnets Ltd can produce permanent neodymium magnets for different applications. Meanwhile, we provide customized service. You can consult us according to your application requirements.

There are many different NdFeB materials (such as grade N35, N45, N50, N50M, N48H, N42SH…) for different application fields. According to the ratio of material composition, the temperature resistance, magnetic properties and other parameters can be adapted to achieve the best results for the desired application.

Besides disc neodymium magnets for packaging products, countersunk NdFeB magnet for golf tools, pot magnet for mounting, we also focus on the application of high technical standards:


Grain Boundary Diffusion (GBD) Process

The magnetic properties are very much dependent on the grain boundary structure. As a result, grain boundary diffusion (GBD) process has become an effective approach for improving the coercivity and reducing the heavy RE content of Nd-Fe-B magnets. With the continual price increasing of rare earths (such as Dy, Tb) and requirements of environmental protection, we began to use grain boundary diffusion (GBD) to make neodymium magnet.

Compared with the traditional Hitachi Metals process, GBD Process NdFeB Magnet has lower price. That because it use less or without any content of heavy rare earth elements, but with higher performance. For comparison, the traditional process of making a 38UH will need 6% Dy, while the GBD process will require 0.6% Dy to produce a 46UH.

Arc Golden Coating Rare Earth Magnets

Arc Golden Coating Rare Earth Magnets

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